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HomeTipsEight Surprising Home Business Purchases That Can Be Deducted From Your Taxes

Eight Surprising Home Business Purchases That Can Be Deducted From Your Taxes

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You may perhaps be a Moving Company or any other type of business, operating from your home. Whatever your business, it is quite natural for you to be worried about taxes. But there are several home business purchases that are eligible for tax deductions. You can consider them to lower your income tax bills. Claim all available deductions that are relevant to your business. Such tax write-offs can speed up your IT filing process as well as reduce the amount that you are to pay as taxes to the government.

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Top 8 Home Business Purchases to Deduct from Taxes

1. Travel expenses that are related to work:

Business-related travel expenses should be written off during tax time. It includes meals, dry cleaning, tips, rental car expenses, hotels, airfare, etc. Refer to the IRS site to derive full list of all available deductible travel-related expenses. The conditions that your trip should meet are:

    • Essential for business.
    • Trip should be away from tax home.
    • Trip should be more than a regular working day and require on-route rest or sleep.

2. Business meals:

Deduct 50% of qualifying drink and food purchases. Meal purchased and Expense Management deduction should be business related. Essential meal-related documents should be retained like:

    • Meal location and date
    • Relation of group or individuals with whom you dined with.
    • Meal’s total cost.

3. Business insurance:

Deduct business insurance cost from tax returns. Business insurance cost can be deducted on tax returns. In case you run your business from your home, then deduct the renter’s insurance expenses as a home-office write-off. Also, consider Logistics Management.

Business insurance

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4. Car use:

You may have a car that you use only for work purposes. If so, then write off costs related to its maintenance and operations. In case it is used for personal reasons also, then costs associated with business usage should only be deducted from tax. Mileage used for business purpose can be claimed by adopting standard per mileage deduction per mile driven or miles actually travelled for business purpose.

5. Office supplies:

your offices supply related Expense Management to write off includes work-related software, computers, pens, paper, printers, etc. Also deducted work-related shipping and postage expenses. File all receipts for documentation purposes concerning office supply purchases.

6. Home-office expenses:

IRS recent guidelines state that freelancers and small businesses operating from homes are eligible to deduct $5/square foot of home used to conduct businesses. This is to about 300 sq. feet max. For this, the work area should be used to carry out business to qualify for tax deduction. A home office should also be used regularly as the principal place to conduct business.

7. Internet and Phone expenses:

Perhaps your business may require you to use the internet and phone a lot. Logistics Management can be used for both personal and work purposes. Write off the cost percentage of those used in business. If internet usage is almost half for business reasons, then 50% of internet expenses can be written off for the year.

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8. Depreciation:

You may be running a Moving Company or any other company from your home. Deducting depreciation will mean writing off expenses associated with big items like machinery or car over their useful lifetime. You will not be just deducting the same for a single tax year in one go! Generally, depreciation is deducted for long-term, costly business investments. Hence, reimbursement is for the item’s useful lifetime.

Get tax deductions!

Thus, there are several Home Business Purchases that invites tax deduction. Thus, you can have more money to run your business smoothly. But you should have proper knowledge of the deductions to make. Otherwise, hire a qualified accountant to assist you.

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