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Eight Best Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions for Businesses in 2023

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Perhaps, you are considering establishing EV charging points at your business or commercial establishment. If so, then you should research the top companies that provide quality solutions. EVs are on the rise with the intention to curb increasing pollution and harmful carbon emissions associated with fossil fuels. Government subsidies and Marketing Efforts by the leading companies have helped improvement in EV sales the world over.

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Companies offering Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

1. Enel X Way:

Enel X Way Electric Vehicle Charging

This company has launched ‘JuiceBox Pro Commercial charging stations. Its solutions are connected to the grid, and support global business, utility, and automotive programs. It assures to offer employees, guests, and customers of top quality EV charging experience. Property owners can derive immense value and reach set sustainable goals effortlessly. The stations offer flexible indoor/outdoor installation along with numerous options.

2. EVgo:

EVgo Electric Vehicle Charging

It has an ambitious goal of increasing EV adoption. This is planned to be achieved by offering affordable, convenient EV charging solutions and data transmission to the mass. This is done through an extensive, reliable public network comprising DC fast chargers. The fast charging stations are powered by 100 percent renewable energy. It also ensures 98 percent network uptime. Their app is available for iOS and Android users.

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3. ChargePoint:

ChargePoint Electric Vehicle Charging

It offers charging solutions. This company takes pride in its comprehensive charging network and provides appropriate solutions irrespective of industry and size. Their expert team can help satisfy the EV charging needs of your partners, visitors, and customers. Commercial cleaning services along with other businesses can make the most from this EV charging solution.

4. National EV:

All types of businesses can use this turnkey smart charging solution as they are the market leaders. New models are launched to reduce costs and expand the operating range, thus making EV ownership quite lucrative. They also provide the best project management software and EV charging products. Besides selling and installing chargers, they also provide routine maintenance. Their multi-plug facilities allow for serving several customers simultaneously.

5. Webasto EV Solutions:

Webasto EV Solutions Electric Vehicle Charging

You can create a greener future by investing in this company’s products. They offer charging solutions meant for different types of electric vehicles. Their EV chargers are created to use at various places. With their solutions in place, you can attract and retain top industry talents as well as enhance employee satisfaction. You can also exhibit green leadership, and corporate social responsibility as well as enjoy better results in your Marketing Efforts.

5. ABB:

ABB Electric Vehicle Charging

This company has laid the foundations to enable emission-free, smarter mobility. They support all EV charging standards and aim to provide EV solutions to every EV owner across the globe. This web-connected charging infrastructure provides charging solutions to improve your business. They provide complete solutions combined with robust connectivity. It includes reliable DC fast charging stations, AC wall boxes, and data transmission.

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6. EVBox:

EVBox Electric Vehicle Charging

This company was launched in 2010 and helped many futuristic businesses to avail electric mobility. Transport systems and Commercial cleaning services have become accessible and things have become much cleaner. They provide the necessary support, expertise, and infrastructure to cater to fast-changing scenarios.

7. Blink:

Blink Electric Vehicle Charging

This Prime level 2 electric vehicle charger solution provider has employed a team that can help operate charging stations at different places effortlessly. Moreover, EV charging solutions having full deployment configuration ranges are spread across the globe. It offers 4 flexible business models, namely, Blink, Blink-owned, host-owned, and hybrid owned as a service.

Need for EV charging station infrastructure

Growing EVs on the roads demand an increasing number of Electric Vehicle Charging points at key places. Without sufficient charging station points, EV growth will simply be meaningless.

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