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9 Innovative Ideas to Make Your Teaching Methods Effective

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Keeping students attentive in class is a major challenge faced by all teachers. This is irrespective of the class the students are studying. It is equally difficult to convey ideas effectively that can develop long-lasting impression. It is for this reason, teachers should adopt and implement innovative Teaching Methods. This is sure to enhance the classroom experience and make it more lovable for all students.

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1. Video and Audio Tools:

During sessions, supplementing textbooks with visual-audio materials will be a great idea. These can be filmstrips, movies, models, infographics brain mapping, pictures and mind mapping Such tools help develop student’s imagination. Besides their listening ability, it also inculcates better understanding of the different concepts including complex ones. Several smart apps are also present for those tech-savvy to create amazing presentations and slideshows.

2. Creative Teaching:

These tools can be used to stimulate creativity. It will be better to include playful visual exercises or games. It is likely to excite young minds as well as capture their interest. Being a time-tested method can help identify their creative ablates. It also encourages creative contributions. Besides encouraging fresh ideas, they should be allowed freedom to explore.

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3. Real-World Learning:

Real-world experiences should be infused into the instructions to make teaching enriching and fresh. Relating as well as demonstration of real-life situations can help understand the materials better. It also sparks their interest, thus getting them excited and to involve in various projects and activities.

4. Brainstorm: 

Brainstorm Teaching Methods

The classroom session should involve time for Teaching Methods. It is sure to encourage fresh creative juices to flow. With multiple brains focusing on a particular idea, there is likely to be several ideas. Everyone will be involved in the discussion. Students can find such sessions to be a great platform, as it allows them to voice their opinions. They do not have bother about being branded wrong or right. But it will be essential to establish a few ground rules prior to starting the session. Creating teams will also help.

5. Role Play:

Adopting role-play Teaching Methods is likely to help children to get out of their comfort zone. They will not feel uneasy or uncomfortable. It also hones their interpersonal skills. It is a handy method used if teaching current events, history or literature. For students belonging to all age group, role playing is considered quite effective.

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6. Holding classes outside classroom:

This way, a few lessons can be learned very well. Field trips should be organized to help students know the outside world very closely. Besides finding such trips exciting and fresh, it will also be a collaborative effort.

7. Stimulating classroom environment:

An engaging, fun-filled and well-decorated classroom environment can be quite stimulating for students. They are sure to think as well as learn better. It also helps encourage exploring things beyond their subjects. A positive environment is sure to benefit children and teachers alike.

8. Storyboard Teaching:

Storyboarding can help students to learn the subject well and quickly. It involves a collaborative effort while making memorization much easier. It can also be used for recreating some popular event. This visually stimulating activity ensures students get to learn complex subjects without much hassle.

9. Welcome New Ideas:

New innovative teaching methods can be adopted by taking an open-minded approach. Although you may consider being an open-minded person, it is natural to resist change. Start brainstorming ideas and involve your students also in this process.

Thus, with the above ideas, you can make teaching fun-filled, interesting and result-oriented.

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