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Dr. Anosh Ahmed: Entrepreneur & Devoted Philanthropist

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Dr. Anosh Ahmed of Houston, previously Chicago, is an entrepreneur at heart and a devoted philanthropist. He’s been exploring entrepreneurship and philanthropy since he was a child, both of which have become key elements of his life.

Meet Doctor Anosh Ahmed

When Dr. Anosh Ahmed was 13 years old his father experienced a medical illness that left him paralyzed, and Dr. Anosh entered the workforce. Before long, he fell in love with entrepreneurship and philanthropy.

Dr. Anosh Ahmed, M.D. is an eminent internal medicine physician who started his journey as a resident physician at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Chicago, where he diagnosed, treated, and cared for adult patients with compassion and a personalized approach to the practice of medicine. Becoming a licensed physician was one of his most significant accomplishments.

After his residency, Dr. Ahmed served as the Chief Operating Officer of Loretto Hospital, overseeing a clinical team of more than 150 physicians and 600 professional staff. His work played a central role in transforming the hospital into a teaching medical center known for groundbreaking research and community education. In just over 2 years, he also helped increase the hospital’s revenue from $60 million to $100 million.

Dr. Ahmed has made many notable contributions to the medical field. The medical community has widely recognized his achievements in healthcare administration, and his leadership has impacted his community. Dr. Ahmed is a medical practitioner and leader who inspired trust among those he worked with.

Thrive Global and other national publications have spotlighted Dr. Anosh Ahmed’s professional achievements in medicine.

In recent years, a large portion of Dr. Anosh Ahmed’s life and efforts have become focused on Anosh Inc Foundation, a nonprofit organization that supports the local community through various projects.

Dr. Anosh Ahmed: A Life-Long Learner & Entrepreneur

Doctor anosh ahmed internal medicine residency dr. Anosh ahmed

For most of Doctor Anosh Ahmed’s life, he’s been learning how to help others through business strategy, medicine, community projects, and more.

Dr. Ahmed has been learning through hard work since he was a child and has earned the following degrees:

  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Organizational Leadership; South Texas College
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA); The University of Texas at Austin
  • Medical degree (M.D.); Windsor University School

He also finished his Internal Medicine Residency at Mount Sinai Hospital in Chicago and completed a Principles and Practices of Clinical Research program at Harvard T.H. Chan School and Public Health.

Dr. Anosh Ahmed’s Philanthropic Pursuits

“Taking care of people is what makes the world a little better, one place at a time.” – Doctor Anosh Ahmed

Dr. Ahmed’s most significant commitment is to his community and neighbors. He contributes considerable time and energy to philanthropic pursuits. Much of this has to do with his humble upbringing.

Dr. Anosh Ahmed’s life goal is to support and foster underprivileged youth to achieve their potential, just as he did.

Currently, his mission is to reduce the effects of poverty and the lack of resources for those most affected, especially minorities and children. He fights against inequality and poverty by helping provide greater access to education, healthcare, and housing to children in his local community.

Dr. Ahmed believes hospitals, housing, and clinics are the pillars of the community. He has provided laptops, books, and school supplies to kids in both Chicago and Houston via various churches and local organizations.

Today, Doctor Anosh Ahmed is largely focused on these philanthropic efforts through various charities and Anosh Inc Foundation.

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