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Different Types Of Recruitment Sourcing Strategies

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It is important for every organization to incorporate talent sourcing activities to attract the best candidates in all profiles. Talent pipeline development helps boosts chances of hiring top candidates essential for the company’s future growth. Moreover, good candidates will ensure great productivity and lower employee turnover. But wrong hiring will only harm company culture while waste training resources. The recruitment team should engage candidates properly and streamline the entire process.

Recruitment sourcing strategies and tips to follow

How to identify top talent among the lot? The following strategies when implemented will make sourcing of good candidates easy and quick.

1. Sourcing candidates from ATS:

You are to devote ample time to source good candidates. This also helps you get candidates qualified enough to recruit others for future roles. Re-engaging is considered to be a missed opportunity for many organizations. Proper engagement strategy should be in place to work successfully with archived candidates.

2. Work along with hiring manager while sourcing candidates:

Work along with hiring manager while sourcing candidates recruitment sourcing

You and the hiring managers should work together to identify quality candidates. First find out the traits, qualifications and must-haves in the candidate. Develop sourcing channel list where the ideal candidates could be found. Review talent pool to determine whether to relax or tighten up to find suitable number of candidates.

3. Offline recruitment techniques:

Online channels can help amplify engagement. However, offline recruitment techniques still are considered to be a viable option. Go offline and try to meet people at different events. Attend industry or job specific events and conferences or host own meetups. As an employer, there will be less competition faced and the right message can be delivered.

4. Diversify web-based candidate sourcing channels:

A good number of recruiters prefer to source candidates from diverse online professional networks. Check out applicant tracking system. It will be useful to mix the commonly sourcing methods along with the least used ones to increasing hiring chances. Know your target candidates to find them at the right places online.

5. Source candidates to fill up yet-to-open roles:

Do not restrict your hiring activities to just to those vacancies that are to be filled up. Rather, your talent sourcing activities should also include being proactive to consider future hiring prospective. Identify the desired skill sets and qualification level desired.

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6. Source candidates by using employees’ networks:

Employee network can prove to be useful as it helps expand your organizational talent pool. Conduct candidate sourcing sessions among the team to source new candidates for open roles. Employees might help reach untapped talents while enhance their known candidates’ response rates.

7. Develop strong employer brand:

Develop strong employer brand sourcing strategies

Employer brand may make a huge difference between candidates ignoring or responding to the sourcing calls. If employer brand is perceived negatively, then candidates might not respond to the sourcing messages. A well implemented applicant tracking system can find those places where candidates respond positively.

8. Perfect outreach messages:

Your engagement strategy is not likely to derive the desired results, if the outreach message is not convincing enough. The messaging should be more candidate-focused. Prospective candidates should be provided with superior customer service. Focus on their specific needs and wants. The message is not to target the company’s goals, but that of the candidate’s.

9. Use appropriate tool:

There is plenty of work to be done when sourcing candidates. Managing such activities in spreadsheets and documents may only make things worse and complicated. This is where the latest tools like the applicant tracking system can prove to be more than useful. It can help streamline the entire process, help organize approach as well as source successfully the best candidates.

Hence, adopting the above recruitment sourcing strategies can help you to identify and hire the best candidates available for your organization.

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