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Different Types of Conveyor Belts Useful in Warehouse Automation

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A warehouse should streamline its operations when it comes to manufacturing, storage, and distribution. It should focus more on investing money in high-quality machines including conveyor systems. This will help a lot to increase the productivity of employees effectively to get the desired outputs. A conveyor belt is necessary for a warehouse to transport products from one place to another place faster. Not only that, it reduces the lifting of heavy objects and other issues to create a safer environment. Since conveyor belts involve different types, it is wise to know more about them in detail. This, in turn, provides ways to plan operations without any hassles.

Types of conveyor belts used for warehouse automation

1. Roller bed belt conveyor

It is a basic conveyor belt used in a warehouse for performing various works with high accuracy. The conveyor utilizes rollers instead of pulleys allowing users to match production requirements accordingly. A shorter conveyor belt comes with two rollers that are enough to move products. However, products that travel longer distances need a conveyor with more than two rollers. Some common applications of a roller bed belt conveyor include assembling, sorting, packing, etc. A warehouse can also use the same for transporting and inspecting items at a high speed.

2. Flat belt conveyor

A flat belt conveyor is one of the most used systems in a warehouse. It sits on a flat surface which has a series of pulleys on each end. Moreover, the belt conveyor utilizes a variety of materials that help carry items from one end to another end easily. Another thing about this belt is that it is flexible to use and comes with optional features.

Flat belt conveyor warehouse automation

3. Modular belt conveyor

A modular belt conveyor uses a single loop with countless interlocking pieces that are easy to maintain. This system is suitable for applications that require travelling around corners. It can travel straight and go around a corner which caters to the needs of a warehouse. This belt conveyor is resistant to sharp and abrasive materials. Plastic modular belts are ideal for a warehouse to use specific conveyor belts without compromising belt tracking.

4. Cleated belt conveyor

A cleated belt conveyor is a cost-effective way system designed for a warehouse to keep loose materials safer. It helps incline and decline materials to ensure consistent spaces between items. Not only that, it comes in different shapes with specific applications to meet exact needs in the production process.

5. Curved belt conveyor

A curved belt conveyor enables a warehouse to maximize spaces and can bend up to 180 degrees. Besides that, it allows users to change the direction of objects depending on their needs.

6. Pneumatic or vacuum conveyor

A pneumatic or vacuum conveyor is the best one for E-commerce industries to ship items to customers quickly. The system comes with the latest features enabling users to gain more advantages.

7. Incline/Decline belt conveyor

An incline/ decline belt conveyor is the right choice for a warehouse to move objects up and down. This conveyor has a gear motor and center drive for rotating purposes. It works well with other conveyor systems allowing users to obtain optimal results.

8. Specialty conveyor

A specialty conveyor is suitable for a warehouse waste management project that comes in different models. Besides that, it comes with the latest materials to address the exact needs of users.

9. Sortation conveyor system

A sortation conveyor system is suitable for a warehouse to identify products easily which will help separate them quickly. It allows a company to meet exact needs in the order fulfillment process. The system is ideal for ensuring an efficient flow of goods to customers with high-level accountability.

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