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Difference Between Lead Generation And Sales

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You may have recently started a business and more interested to know the difference between Lead generation vs Sales. Perhaps, you might argue about the semantics of marketing and sales. However, in recent times, the lines seem to have blurred, thus resulting in confusion with regards to roles and responsibilities. You may want to know about lead certain and who takes the responsibility to derive qualified sales leads. You also should know when your sales team is to be involved, what should be their contribution to support this effort.

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What is Lead generation?

What is Lead generation Lead generation

Lead creation involves a combination of both marketing and sales. You need to identify as well as reach out to genuine sales leads. It is important to find out potential customers who may be interested in your products/services. You can consider it as an inverted channel having a wide-end towards its top.

Responsible person

It is your marketing/sales team who are to take the responsibility to bring in qualified leads to ‘fill the funnel’. You also need to come up with a wide range of strategies and techniques to accomplish your objective. This again depends on your target market, your services/products and your team. The different strategies may include the following:

  • Telemarketing/Telesales: Here, you have experienced tele calling executives whose responsibility is to reach potential clients present in the targeted list.
  • Outdoor marketing: It can be outdoor advertising, media advertising, print advertising, direct mail, etc.
  • Inbound marketing: It includes social media, SEO, blogging, website.
  • Market research

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Such strategies need to be carefully incorporated into a well-designed plan. Your objective should be to offer your sales team lots of opportunities.


On final qualified Lead generation, your sales team has to contact them immediately to close the deal. However, the sales leads should offer plenty of information about potential clients. This can help convert them into customers. The work of the sales funnel is to familiarize leads with lucrative offerings. They are also ‘warmed up’ to make purchase decisions. It is possible to close the deal in several ways. The fact is that every salesperson tends to have his/her unique ‘style’ of convincing potential customers to close the deal. Successful salespeople are known to employ some time-tested techniques. You may have employed sales training, sales consulting or outsourced sales in your organization. This can help you to identify the best and most effective sales solutions.

Where do the lines blur?

The truth is that modern marketing and sales methods are no more restricted to siloed, departmental activities. Rather, consumers have become more informative and demanding. Thus, your team needs to come up with a hands-on, referral-based approach. Social media and online shopping are fast replacingqualified Lead generation. Sales executives these days also need to act as a marketer as well as a customer service representative. Consumers generally prefer one-to-one relationship before making the final decision to close any deal.

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But you cannot expect one person to take on all these responsibilities alone. However, modern marketing/sales/service organization is expected to be integrated tightly, to achieve success. Hence, it becomes crucial to align real-time communications and messaging. It is equally important for your sales and marketing team to work together. This way, they will be able to nurture organic leads and convert them into customers. The next step involves your sales team to assist customer service representatives to provide greater customer satisfaction. All the team combined can help in effective customer retention and satisfaction.

Therefore, not much difference existing between Lead generation vs Sales. Hence, you need to customize your company to fit perfectly the new paradigms.

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