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DecimalChain: What should you know before investing?

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DecimalChain is a unique blockchain in many ways, providing users with a large set of features: from creating your own digital asset in just a few minutes to universal investment tools.

The main cryptocurrency of the Decimal blockchain is DEL, which was launched in August 2020. DELs are constantly generated by the network based on mathematical calculations and are proportionally distributed among validators – people who create new blocks in the Decimal blockchain chain using their own capacities.

According to the developers, no more than 94 billion DEL coins can be issued in total but this figure can be increased if the majority of network validators give the go-ahead.

Despite the general decline in the crypto market since the beginning of the year, it is still possible to earn money on crypto due to the exchange options of margin trading, when traders make bets on the depreciation of a particular coin. Of course, any liquid cryptocurrency usually recoups part of its value on natural corrective movements. And DEL is no exception in this regard.

Purchase of DEL

In this article, we will consider the key investment options of the Decimal blockchain as their practical implementation becomes more complicated. And it all starts with the purchasing DEL.

Currently, there are several ways to purchase this cryptocurrency: via exchanges or other users. The best option is probably via the website of the guarantor of the transaction, a bit team. After signing up and logging in, you will need to go through the verification procedure. Then everything is very simple – find the DEL purchase button and choose a seller based on his rating and the acceptability of the purchase rate. Within 10 minutes, we wait for the counterparty’s consent to make a transaction and make a payment from your bank card to the details that appeared in the dialog box. The coins purchased in this way will be displayed in the “Account balance” tab of the website. After a while, you can submit a request for the sale of DEL by yourself at your own rate. And this is the simplest way to invest in this coin.

Of course, you can trade the DEL asset on cryptocurrency exchanges. But it requires some skills and experience. That is why we will deliberately not dwell on this approach to investing in the framework of this article.


Another option for obtaining passive income in DecimalChain is staking. By registering in the project, you automatically receive the status of a potential delegator, that is, a person who is ready to provide (invest) his funds in the further development of the Decimal blockchain. To do this, it is enough to replenish the balance of your DEL wallet, then enter the “Staking” tab, select a validator and the amount of the deposit.  

The validator is the same network user, but he keeps a full copy of the Decimal blockchain on his computer, investing his own money to ensure uninterrupted access to it. For this activity, the validator receives a reward in the form of new DEL coins. He shares part of these funds with the delegates in proportion to their participation in his staking project.

On average, about 7% of investments can be returned in this way in a month. The money in the validator’s account is blocked for 30 days from the moment of their withdrawal request. The DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) algorithm saves the end user from the necessity to purchase expensive equipment or apply special technical knowledge.   

Staking decimalchain

Creating a masternode

This method of earning is already designed for experienced users who are ready to invest in it not only their skills in the field of IT and blockchain, but also relatively considerable money.

Becoming a masternode or a network validator is a big responsibility for the production and verification of new blocks on the blockchain. Validator attracts the free funds of the delegators to maintain the functionality of the network. For doing this, he receives a reward and distributes part of it among the delegates (investors-stake holders).

It is clear that the status of a validator opens up much greater opportunities for a particular person to get income. But this earnings can no longer be called passive, since periodic cash injections will be required to maintain an up-to-date IT infrastructure, etc.

Making money on creating tokens

It should be noted that within the framework of the platform, there are already about twenty coins of various projects that can be purchased, including for passive income. For example, it goes for staking. 

If you are thinking or already developing your own project, then you already have high-tech tools at your disposal to attract investment. The Decimal blockchain implements an extremely simple mechanism for these purposes in the form of the ability to create your own tokens. Yes, just click on the “Create Token” button and go through just three simple steps!  

So, the idea here is very simple. You launch your crypto asset secured with real money for specific goals and objectives to attract investment. And in DecimalChain, this whole procedure takes only a few minutes! But, of course, there is no need to hurry because it is important to think carefully about the entire economy of your future token and only then proceed to its creation.

You should consider that before proceeding, you will need to replenish your wallet balance to ensure the liquidity of your new coin. By the way, if you want your token to have a beautiful name consisting of three characters, you will have to pay 1,000,000 DEL, which at the current exchange rate is about 60 thousand dollars. And a name, starting from 7 characters, can be registered for a minimum of 100 DEL.

There is a special calculator on the DecimalChain website that allows you to calculate the approximate cost of a particular coin, taking into account the initially set parameters of its issue and delegation to the network validators. Just experiment with different parameters beforehand. And we definitely recommend looking into a special guide in view of the presence of some subtleties in the process itself.

The future coin can be distributed, for example, for various marketing activities: participation in contests, publishing posts, writing articles or shooting video clips with reviews.

It is obvious that the tokens distributed in this way will be immediately sold, changing to DEL, because there will not be much sense in their staking due to the low percentage. But this is part of your profit.

Therefore, do not waste time, use the DecimalChain opportunities for profitable investments right now. Modern tech opportunities are here to help each of us!

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