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Creating Safer Roads – How Safetyconnect Is Using AI To Save Lives

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Over the past few years, the topic of artificial intelligence has been on the lips of many people around the globe. From business entrepreneurs to giant tech companies and organizations The possibilities of AI-powered systems are limitless, which is the reason for their heavy demand and interest. SafetyConnect has also received positive feedback from customers.

The infusion of AIs into various sectors of the economy would not just create a fast, efficient, and effective working process but will also aid in ensuring safety and accountability, depending on how it is utilized.

Several AI innovations have emerged in recent years to aid in everyday activities and unique platforms such as SafetyConnect have emerged to help unlock the world of safe driving for employees of large enterprises.

SafetyConnect is an AI-powered Field Force Driving and Work Safety Suit for enterprises. The platform aids health & safety heads of large enterprises to have a peaceful night of sleep by ensuring the safety of their field force on the road through its best-in-class Driving Safety Solution.

The company’s product specializes in analyzing driving behavior with the primary objective of mitigating accidents caused by unsafe driving practices. Some of its features include near-miss/incident reporting, audits & checklists, SOS, knowledge center, daily trip reports, etc.

The founder and CEO of SafetyConnect, Mr. Thanmai Deekshith, started the company in 2021. Born and brought up in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, Mr. Thanmai Deekshith is an experienced entrepreneur. From his childhood, he had the opportunity to get fantastic exposure to a diverse set of experiences.

Even at a young age, he was naturally inquisitive, attempting to understand the phenomena surrounding the earth, space, and everything in between. His upbringing and the social milieu he grew up in helped him foster a holistic view of life and taught him to approach problems from a novel perspective.

As such, he developed a keen problem-solving ability with creative, out-of-the-box thinking. This approach to life helped him come up with a novel idea such as SafetyConnect. His previous professional experience as a product manager further helped him mold the company and its primary application.

The driving force behind the company was to safeguard the lives of field employees so that they could safely reach home to their families. Realizing that field employees are always vulnerable to road accidents, a menace that claims 1.3 million lives a year, the founder of SafetyConnect thought that there must be a way in which these employees can be made safer on the road. With this simple motivation in mind, the company was born.

The acknowledgment of the reality that field employees would come from all walks of life propelled the creators to build a product that would be user-friendly and accessible to different people around the world.

After several investigations, an AI-powered app was designed which can leverage a normal smartphone’s sensors to analyze the driving behavior of employees.

After proper market research, competitor analysis, and need assessment, the product was created. Given the potential of the start-up and the projected market share it could influence, Safety Connect got a substantial amount of investment after its inception.

The company is headquartered in the U.S., with a subsidiary office in India. A company that started with a very small team has now grown to have 30+ employees.

While dealing with field employees, the team at SafetyConnect had the opportunity to gain insight into the workings of a company, which helped them identify the problem areas of the industry. Since safety is the primary concern of SafetyConnect, the company has recently expanded its pool to introduce two sister products, both employee safety-oriented, i.e., the Forklift Safety Solution and the Corrective and Preventive Action Tracking System.

The company’s major customer base includes any organization with 100 or more field employees. These organizations are usually early adopters of technology with a passion for offering safety to their employees.

The company has supplied its application to many renowned organizations such as Gilbarco, Saint-Gobain, Asian Paints, Schindler, etc.

SafetyConnect has also received positive feedback from customers. The company has also successfully reported an ROI within just 3 months of solution implementation and its customers have witnessed month-on-month improvements in safety scores and the driving behavior of field employees.


An HSE Manager of an FMCG Company has stated that employee safety and operations optimization solutions provided by SafetyConnect helped provide the company with a specialized solution that gave visibility into their field operations and safety to know about driving behavior, travel route, average time spent at client location for resolving the complaint, etc.

Based on the driving behavior inferences, the company focuses on highly risky behaviors, which were a major reason for its employee’s road accidents. They created awareness among employees, and scheduled counseling ensured the improvement of scores. This boosted a positive cultural shift by achieving a 73% reduction in major accidents and creating a draw toward safety and motivated employees.

Although there is a breakeven point, the company is still looking for relevant investors to fund the Series A round. The biggest support that the company needs from the public and its customers is the realization of the importance of road safety.

The company asserts that there needs to be widespread awareness about the dangers of road accidents and the measures individuals can take to make the roads safer. Only with the collaborative efforts of everybody involved is SafetyConnect confident of ushering in an era of road safety for all, relating to the fact that companies, especially, need to be conscious of the dangers encountered regularly by field employees and they need to be open to the incorporation of technology into their daily workflow.

To its viewers, the company emphasizes that road safety is the need of the hour and believes that joint efforts will make the roads safer for all. SafetyConnect also advises its customers that their employees are their greatest asset, and they would have to keep them safe on the road and ensure that they reach home safely. This is the primary goal of SafetyConnect and the company will keep improving daily to ensure safer travel environments for its customers.

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