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China Dropshipping And The Best Suppliers You Should Know

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Online shopping, particularly China dropshipping, is the fastest-developing retail business, so it is not surprising that more and more entrepreneurs are closing physical stores and going to the Internet. For those who want to save money on storage, production, and delivery, dropshipping is a very interesting business model to try. According to this type, a dropshipper is organized and promotes the online store establishes business connections with numerous suppliers worldwide, and fulfills online orders from customers by disturbing them accordingly. The initial investment can be minimal only for registration on the domain (in case of a separate online store) or on the e-commerce platform, website design, and promotion. Moreover, all these activities you may do by yourself for free.

The key aspect of this business is to find reliable suppliers. It is essential to have a choice of suppliers to have a backup for increased load, problems of production, or any other force majeure. Dropshipping from Chinese suppliers is one of the most profitable; let’s check why and what best suppliers you should know.

Pros and cons of dropshipping from China

China suppliers are not the only suitable dropshipping business; you may find local suppliers with unique products and decreased delivery time, but in this article, we will discuss China dropshipping in detail.

Advantages of Chinese suppliers

1. High product diversity

Chinese suppliers produce everything, but you should avoid products with copyright problems, complicated advertising (like weapons or adult products), or expensive items. Please also check the guides about products that should be avoided for China dropshipping.

2. Choice of suppliers for the same products

If you have only one supplier for the product, it makes your business fully dependable. Chinese markets normally have hundreds of suppliers that allow them to choose the best one for the quality, price, delivery, and return policy.

3. Low prices

Because of high competitiveness in the market and low labor costs, Chinese suppliers offer products at attractive prices compared to local manufacturers. That allows a dropshipper to receive a good margin.

4. Variety of shipping methods

Many international transport companies in China provide their services at the best rates and with proper delivery time. Some of the Chinese suppliers have their storage in the USA and European countries, which significantly reduces the delivery time.

5. Possibility to produce branded products and customized packing

In marketplaces, you may see high competition for the most popular products. Any branded methods are recommended to increase your brand awareness, improve your review statistics, and differentiate your products from others. If you find a supplier that can add your logo or use your designed packing, you will have more return customers.

Disadvantages of Chinese Suppliers

1. Poor quality

Unfortunately, not all Chinese suppliers produce quality products. Some products are made from hazardous materials and have poor quality. You need to make test orders to be sure of the products you are supplied with.

2. Long delivery time

International shipments have to be delivered for long distances and should go through customs. At each stage, a delay should occur.

3. Communication problems

Only 1 out of 100 Chinese can speak English. Communication problems can cause misunderstandings in the negotiation of the agreement terms and the discussion about product quality and delivery.

4. Stereotypes around Chinese products

Because of previous points and the production of counterfeit items, China Dropshipping has gained a specific reputation.

We have listed the main pros and cons that are associated with Chinese suppliers. But the significant benefit of them is that for the start of an e-commerce business, you can try many products to find the most profitable in your online store, as you have a vast choice and low prices. Moreover, if you find your niche, you can start to produce your products in China to increase your competitiveness and expand your business. You may increase the quality of material or design unique products.

Best Chinese Suppliers

China dropshipping

We will not list the exact companies that work with dropshippers, but we will list the best five aggregators where you find reliable suppliers. The exact list of suppliers will take thousands of lines.

1. AliExpress

AliExpress has no limitations for dropshippers, even though it is designed for all types of e-commerce businesses. It offers a variety of goods with free shipping and a transparent policy of returns (some suppliers have free returns). You can choose per product categories, brands, reviews, and price range. We suggest choosing only suppliers with a high quantity of reviews.

2. Wiio

Wiio is a new dropshipping platform that you may use for sourcing trending products, as well as a place for your online store. You can always test for free 10 trending products and be the first dropshippers selling the goods. Wiio has three own warehouses – one in the USA and two in China. There is no minimum order quantity, so you should consider this service.

3. Niche Dropshipping

Niche Dropshippers is another service for dropshippers. It offers agent-based product sourcing directly from the factories without two working days. It offers suppliers the possibility of brandied packing and private labels. For bulking orders, they propose discounts and free storage in their warehouses. The delivery is worldwide.

4. SaleHoo

SaleHoo is an aggregator for suppliers. It offers more than 2.5 million hot products from pre-vetted and trustworthy suppliers. You can search not only for Chinese ones but also discover other profitable suppliers from other Asian countries. You can connect your account with Shopify for easier listing in your online store and import product descriptions with a click.

5. CJDropshipping

CJDropshipping is another aggregator of suppliers. It offers an easily filtered catalogue of trending products or all products by categories. You can calculate the delivery time on the main page and choose the shipping method. It offers a free store, fast shipping, and 24 hours of order fulfillment. The service has warehouses in the USA, Australia, Canada, China, and some European countries.

If you want to save time or want to search per chosen product and multiple dropshipping platforms, we recommend using automated dropshipping tools like Easync or DSers. These tools help not only search for products and suppliers but also automate order fulfillment, product listings, and many more.


We hope that this article simplifies your search for China dropshipping. As you see, it is possible to find many products from China at low prices; you only need to choose trustworthy suppliers for them. China Dropshipping is a perfect start for young entrepreneurs, which allows them to scale their businesses without significant investments.

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