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What Does a Cannabis Extraction Technician Do? How to Get This Job in The Cannabis Industry

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Cannabis industry is growing at a breakneck speed. There are many new jobs opening up in the field, with a cannabis extraction technician being one of the interesting ones. This short guide will walk you through what cannabis extraction technicians do, their job descriptions, pay scale, and how to become one.

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Secure Extraction Technician Job through Marijuana Jobs Cannabis Careers Sites

You would need to be an extraction technician before securing a master extractor job. There are many websites, such as Simply Hired, Indeed, and Zip Recruiter that advertise open opportunities for this position. All you need to do is send in your resume with a cover letter and wait.

Another option is to cold pitch to cannabis companies if you don’t get a response. Go online and look for companies that are hiring in your locality. You could also use your links to secure a good place. The marijuana industry is still in its infanthood. HR personnel rely massively on networking to fill open positions.

You should start building a network on LinkedIn and other sites. This can significantly increase your chances of getting hired. You could also consider getting certified for the position. This will look very good on your resume. Try getting the right certifications before you upload your resume on any marijuana jobs cannabis careers site.

Job Role of a Cannabis Extraction Technician

Recreational and medical consumers of marijuana have long been interested in various cannabis extracts, also called shatter, wax, oil, and crumble depending on the quality and consistency.

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High quality marijuana extract is in high demand for being much more potent than regular dried cannabis. It has minimal odor and can easily be infused into edibles and topical products.

Marijuana extraction technician is responsible for separating the oily, cannabinoid-rich trichomes found in dried cannabis. Their job involves extremely sophisticated knowledge. It is also potentially dangerous because of explosive and flammable equipment involved.

Cannabis Extraction Technician

Job Description of a Master Extractor

Typical job description of a master extractor includes:

  • Preparation of plant materials and equipment for extraction
  • Using butane or other extraction solvents to extract cannabis safely
  • Processing after extraction
  • Create and maintain extraction SOPs and operational policies
  • Have a deep understanding of different cannabis concentrates
  • Oversee an extraction team
  • Clean and maintain extraction equipment
  • Ensure quality is maintained through quality control procedures and testing
  • Oversee everyday operations from storage to fulfillment of orders
  • Oversee supply storage
  • Oversee disposal of waste
  • Oversee labeling and packaging of finished products
  • Create products as defined by state guidelines
  • Meet production schedules by working as part of a team
  • Supervise and perform data recording
  • Create a desirable work culture
  • Identify and report practices or equipment that are unsafe
  • Perform all other duties as assigned

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Average Salary of Cannabis Extraction Technician

You need to get real-world experience before becoming a cannabis extraction technician. The job requires a dedicated effort and you would need to constantly learn new processes and procedures. However, all the hard work will pay off in the end.

Marijuana extraction technician positions are one of the most sought-after jobs in the cannabis industry. Technicians can hope to make upwards of $75,000 – $120,000 per year depending on the employer and scale of operations.

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