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Top Five Skills for a Machine Learning Job!

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In the past five years, we have seen an upswing in machine learning jobs. And, this trend is not going to disappear in the upcoming days. With artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and machine learning on the rise, it is important for engineers to improve their skills and be prepared for the stunning job market.

In general, machine learning is strongly associated with artificial intelligence. This is a technology where computers are programmed to complete tasks like robot control, prediction, recognition, and diagnosis. However, machine learning doesn’t expect engineers to program these tasks explicitly. It is the duty of the machine to make inferences and evolve with existing algorithms. Indeed, this is a challenging technology that is going to grow in leaps and bounds.

With this being said, here are a few skills you should have machine learning jobs.



Machine Learning Job

#1 Programming Abilities

It will be impossible to survive in a machine learning job without programming abilities. You must be proficient in languages like Java, Ruby, and Python. At some point in time, you should become a master of these languages. Also, you must be able to code at a good pace.  Smart programmers are always welcome in the world of machine learning.

#2 Statistics and Probability

Another important skill machine learning engineers should own would be statistics and probability. These theories are crucial in building and understanding algorithms. Very good examples of models to be mastered would be Naïve Bayes, Hidden Markov, and Gaussian Mixture Models. Of course, you should be familiar with confusion matrices, p-values and receiver operator curves too!


#3 Data Modeling

An irreplaceable element of machine learning would be data modeling. It is important to make estimations in machine learning. Based on the task you are about to accomplish, you should model data and measure accuracy. For such evaluations, you must be a true professional in data modeling.

#4 Machine Learning Algorithms

Machine Learning Algorithms

It will be impossible to bag a machine learning job without knowing some primitive algorithms. At all times, you should be aware of machine learning algorithms. Also, you should be familiar with how the algorithms work. Subjects like convex optimization, partial differentiation, and gradient descent should be at your fingertips.

#5 Distributed Computing

In this modern era, machine learning jobs will subject you to huge data sets. You will be expected to come up with algorithms that can search and analyze big data. There are so many technologies and tools to help you with large data sets. And, your job will expect you to be a master of these tools and technologies.

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