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The Significance of Alumni Network for Universities

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Nurturing good relationships with alumni over the years is essential to the success of higher education establishments. That’s because alumni provide many beneficial roles, like helping to create and grow the university’s brand via word-of-mouth advertising. 

For example, good posts on social media can generate interest and improve application rates. Universities also depend on alumni to provide coaching, apprenticeships, and employment opportunities to students. 

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Furthermore, alumni bring in necessary revenue via donations, participation at sports events, etc., which help institutions withstand the ‘storm’ of financial issues that sometimes occur. These are only some of the reasons why alumni are significant to the success of higher education institutions, which have great accountability for the employment placement rates.

Establishing an engaged, supportive alumni network is vital to a higher education institution’s success rate. Good alumni relationships offer numerous benefits to both the school and the alumni.

Keep on reading to understand the significance of having an engaged alumni network.

Sharing Knowledge and Experience

Every successful alumnus must establish a wealth of experience and expertise after they leave school, going on to work in various sectors. For that reason, alumni exchange experience in a school’s journal, on the web, or through direct communication, is essential so that students and parents can benefit from that kind of information exchange. 

Nowadays, online alumni communities exist. They are crucial for maintaining members engaged and notified, and numerous school networks have started online portals over the past years. Through online education portals like the Graduway networking platform, alumni can easily connect and foster relationships, engage in meaningful discussions, and exchange knowledge and experiences via online networking.

online alumni communities

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Supporting the Current Students

Alumni have a special bond with their former school and tend to be supportive when it comes to the current students’ education. They may visit the school physically or virtually to talk to students about their former experiences. That way they help students stay stimulated, but also prepare them for life after graduating. 

So, students that attend schools with a powerful alumni network will have a network of strong connections to call on once they are in need of support through their studies or in regards to making decisions about their future careers.

Career Support

In the alumni network, former students can provide career support to their current students via different schemes. Communicating with alumni who have graduated and spent some quality time working in their area of expertise helps students acquire experience. It also gives them an advantage that can help them be more successful in the highly competitive job market today. 

They usually gain that experience through networking, work shadowing, or simply being in touch with alumni for guidance. That’s the reason why alumni connections are significant: the more grads a school has connections with, the more real-life experience they can offer to their current students.

Alumni benefits can be useful at any moment in your career. You might want to make a career change or try to get a promotion. Maybe, you are looking to employ someone for your own company, and you can check your alumni career center. Alumni are generally offered exclusive job advertisements, webinars, resume reviews, networking events, and plenty of resources without any charge.

Lastly, if you want to switch your field of interest or acquire some new skills, you can continue your academic study or enroll in some certificate program. Alumni are often provided highly discounted rates.

Alumni benefits in career

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Global Value

Alumni motivate students to work in various countries around the globe. Receiving assistance from someone that has worked and lived in a certain country provides students with the confidence they lack to pursue the same opportunity. 

In addition, alumni act as international ambassadors for their school, referring it to students in the country where they currently work. That helps the school to attract future students that want to study abroad. Moreover, alumni help to provide a multicultural learning environment where students have the possibility to learn about cultural diversity and forge meaningful connections.

Financial Support

Having a powerful alumni network is also of financial importance too. The commitment and appreciation alumni have for their schools can lead to them being more charitable in terms of fundraising. 

Financial donations aid institutions to give scholarships and treasuries to talented students who are not able to afford their tuition. Having a good alumni network always helps make that possible.

Final Words

Searching for a school with a powerful alumni network should be a precedent for every student. Strong alumni networks are hard to find. However, having a place where students can remain connected with alumni and benefit from their personal experiences helps them achieve success while in school and after graduation. 

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