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Reasons Why an MBA in Cybersecurity is Essential in 2020

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Cybersecurity is a growing concern in each industry that relied on information technology. We all know that business needs to protect their proprietary information along with the sensitive information of their customers. This Master of Business Administration in Cybersecurity is a way to bridge the gap between the IT department and the boardroom. You can choose this MBA degree in Cybersecurity for future management and top executives as well.

This in-demand cybersecurity program will combine some studies in modern business management with the advanced cybersecurity curriculum. If you get a master’s degree in this program, then you can prepare yourself to face challenges in the modern workplace. Your skill can be learned in this MBA program will transfer to a wide range of industries.

And also you can find cyber security threats in 2020 that the businesses need to aware of it.

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Pursue Master of Business Administration in Cybersecurity online

GCU is the leader in online education. The master’s degree in online cybersecurity programs also allows you to learn when and where you feel comfortable. This program requires 54 credits to finish it. Most online classes are 8 weeks long. This program also available in the evening classes of the GCU campus. This program will combine the business analytic and management coursework with the cybersecurity curriculum. Some core classes including strategic management, cyber warfare, and applications, leadership and organization, etc.

This program also allows a comprehensive study of modern business and cybersecurity issues. There is pressure on examining the NIST cybersecurity framework. There are other topics that you will learn, such as financial forecasting, security solutions that align the business plan, the management of working capital, and so on. You also get some benefits in these areas, such as best practices in cybersecurity research, complex problem-solving, critical application analysis, Christian Worldview, ethical decision making, and so on, Students also learn how to design an effective cybersecurity program to prevent and fix the security weaknesses.

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Careers options in cybersecurity areas

The program produces capable business leaders and future executives, When you graduate wit this MBA degree, then you can prepare yourself to take a decision-making position in any company with a bit vulnerable with technology systems. With the growth of cybercrimes, there is the critical need of business executives who understand the cyber-attacks and threat intelligence to mitigate the risks as well. Some cybersecurity jobs come from this MBA program, such as senior project management, operations manager, management analyst, chief information officer, and so on.

Careers options in cybersecurity

What you can with a Master of Business Administration in Cybersecurity?

If the business risk does not interest you, it may be the range of demand for cybersecurity professionals will. It will talk about the seller’s market. Similar to each organizational effort, a powerful manager and leader are required to meet with the organization’s goals. Although there is no wide range of programs that you will find in cybersecurity, and information MBA has been a mainstay in the business education of a Master’s degree. There are many IT MBAs provide you with the courses in cybersecurity management. Besides that, a growing range of programs is offering a specific curriculum.

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You should know that an MBA degree in cybersecurity is a professional degree at the master’s level. It usually takes around 1 to 3 years to finish it, it’s depending on your program, such as part-time, online, full-time, or accelerated. MBA degrees are one of the most well-known business degrees that you can consider. They give you expertise, utility, and experience in a wide range of business, managerial, and leadership roles. Besides that, MBA is one of few degrees that provide you with the academic understanding that help professionals from the lower management to executive positions as well. Even most MBA programs also have similar core courses. These courses were aimed to provide you with basic knowledge of business disciplines that you may find in your career.

Students will work through some courses in a greater or less depth depending on some factors whether one of these courses is your concentration, whether you are in an executive or traditional MBAs, and whether you have transferred into any credit in that program. Focus areas in MBAs are commonly in non-executive MBAs. They usually include 3 to 5 courses in specific subjects and many specialized programs that allow you to adjust your study program by choosing electives that particularly interest you.

When you are looking for an MBA in the cybersecurity program, students should aware of the key differences among traditional MBAs and executive MBAs. Traditional MBA often opens for students directly from undergraduate study or if they have 1 to years of working experience. They start from the basic level in the graduate business courses, and it may take around 2 to 3 years to complete. Executive MBAs often require less course work and cover more advanced topics. One of the main differences is that this executive MBA does not offer specializations.

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Things to know about MBA VS an MS in the Cyber Security Program

For those who are looking for a graduate degree related to cybersecurity, many of them end up choosing between an MBA in cybersecurity or MS in Cyber Security. Both of these degrees help you to advance in the security roles. There are some subjects covered in the following programs that are pretty different. There are some main differences between MBAs and MS degrees in a cybersecurity program. There are some facts of an MBA in cybersecurity, such as the courses tend to focus on the management of technical talent, ethics, policy, and sell some cybersecurity products. It also prepares graduates in different business positions. There are also some key facts of MS in cybersecurity, such as prepare students for a wide range of cybersecurity positions and management positions, these courses tend to be more focus on the technical aspects of cybersecurity, and so on.

Although there are some roles which been held by both MBA and MS degrees in cybersecurity, usually the focus points are the degrees are different. You should know that the Master of Business Administration in Cybersecurity is much more focused on management and business.

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