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Building a Career with Node.js – A Brief Guide

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JavaScript is known as one of the most appreciated and popular programming languages worldwide. It is used as a front end tool for development and is very helpful in making cross-development platforms. Another reason JavaScript has become so popular is its versatility in being used in several popular platforms, including PhoneGap, NativeScript, Titanium, React Native and much more. Tied to JavaScript’s concept is Node.js – a runtime environment for Java that helps the programmer code JavaScript with ease. Node.js has been adopted by big corporate giants like Google and Spotify and are also being used in smaller and upcoming entrepreneurial endeavours.

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Why Learn Node.js?

Why Learn Node.js

If you are wondering why you should join a Node.js online course, here are some of its advantages:

  • It is easy to grasp: For a front end developer, JavaScript is an important programming tool. For this reason, most developers have a good idea about JavaScript, which makes it very easy to learn and grasp the concepts of Nodejs. Not only does it take time to understand Node.js, but it is also extremely effective.
  • It is easily scalable: Applications that have been created using Node.js are very easy to scale in both the horizontal and vertical directions. Horizontally, programs can be easily scaled by the simple addition of nodes into the existing system. When performing vertical scaling, you can add additional resources into a node.
  • It offers a great range of performance: js works by interpreting the JavaScript code with Google’s V8 JavaScript engine. The engine compiles the code and enters it directly into the machine code, making it extremely efficient to integrate codes. Code execution can be done with the help of nodejs extremely fast.

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  • It is used as a single programming language: With Node.js, the developer can write the server-side applications, which means that a Node.js developer can write both the backend and front end web application JavaScript by utilizing the runtime environment. Thus, saving time because the developer does not need to use another server-side programming language.

Who is the course made for?

If you are wondering whether you should apply for the Node.js online course, you must keep in mind that this is an excellent opportunity to take your career on the right path. Node.js online course is the perfect program for someone who wants to become a backend developer in no time. You will learn progressive server-side web development, which is used in the development of apps and web applications. By the end of the course, you would have acquired the necessary Node.js expertise to build flexible and robust backend applications with ease.

Learn Nodejs now and get future-ready!

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