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7 Steps for a Killer Entry Level Data Analyst Resume

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Data science is a great career niche in the current techno-centric marketplace. The demand for data scientists is continuously increasing every day. 

According to a report by the World Economic Forum, 85% of companies across the globe will adopt big data and analytics technologies.

This report makes it completely clear that there will be a boom in data science opportunities soon. 

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You might already be in the middle of data science learning, however, a data science job can only be attained with the help of a killer Data Analyst Resume Examples for freshers. 

Here we are showcasing some points that will guide you to make a job-winning data science resume.

Choose The Right Data Analyst Resume Format

Choose The Right Data Analyst Resume Format Career niche

Resume format plays a vital role in your selection process. Most of the people do not have detailed information about it and end up rejected. There are numerous resume formats available online that can be used as per your experience, qualifications, and skills to make a job-winning resume for entry level jobs in Charlotte NC.

Here you can see 3 of the most used resume formats across the globe:

1. Chronological Resume Format

This is the generic resume format that started from your recent achievements and moves down with the degrading dates.

2. Functional Resume Format

This format focuses on the skills part and should be used by people having career gaps. There is a dedication section in this resume that highlights your work tasks as per the skills.

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3. Combination Resume Format

It is a mixture of functional and chronological resume formats and describes your work details with a skill heading in the professional experience section.

Add Appropriate Data Analyst Skills

Adding appropriate skills relevant to the job description can move you closer to your goal. These skills will also work as keywords to parse through the applicant tracking system. Moreover, it will help you in proving your worth for the targeted job.

Showcase Data Analyst Professional Experience

Showcase your professional experience in easy-to-read bullet points. Your recruiter has to screen numerous resumes and has very little time to spend on one resume. Bullet points with profile-centric keywords will make a better impact in this condition.

Mention Data Analyst Education

Your application will be fruitful if you have the required educational degree for the desired job profile. Apart from this, it is also important to add it to your resume in a detailed form containing the following information:

  • Degree Name
  • Name of University
  • University Location
  • Marks Obtained
  • Enrollment & Graduation Dates

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Showcase Data Analyst Internship Details

An internship can offer you bonus points in the recruitment process. It will make your resume stronger and more experienced as compared to your competitors. This section in your resume keeps similar importance as the professional experience section and must be framed similarly.

Add Data Analyst Certifications

Adding certifications to your resume will make you stand apart from the crowd of your competitors. Recruiters pay extra attention to certifications related to the offered profile as it makes the resume stronger than other applicants.

Data Analyst Additional Sections

Some additional information sections can also be added to your data analyst resume for better results. Here are some sections that can make your resume look impressive as per the current standards:

  • Awards & Accommodations
  • Volunteer Experience
  • Training
  • Additional Information

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Key Takeaways

Check out the key takeaways of this article:

  • Outline your resume with the relevant format to make it look professional
  • Add industry-centric skills to your resume to get through the screening process
  • Showcase your work experience details to highlight your expertise
  • Write about your educational information to prove your knowledge level for the job profile
  • Mention about your internship relevant to the role offered to get bonus points
  • Add certifications to your resume to make it technically stronger than your competitors
  • Showcase all the additional information that can prove your worth for the selected opportunity

It is worth noting that all the resumes framed with bullet points get extra attention from the recruiters’ community. Hence, it is necessary to make your resume understandable and impressive via one-liner points and appropriate keywords.

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