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5 Most High-Paying Remote Jobs

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Digitization has made remote jobs a possible venture. Most companies are thriving well while supporting remote working for their employees. Companies have registered high productivity, employee satisfaction, and retention.

This article will explore 5 most high-paying remote jobs. First, it’s essential to identify that STEM and creative fields will offer some of the highest-paying remote jobs.

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1. APP Developer

We are in an era where millennials prefer to use apps for various reasons; listening to music, streaming music and movies, ordering foodstuffs, and machines. As a highly skilled developer, especially apps that are compatible with iOS and Android, this is a gold mine, which will enable you to work from anywhere.

2. Creative Field

With a skill or a talent, you can comfortably work from anywhere. Examples are animators, photographers, graphic designers, and editors.

As an animator, you can create content for social media platforms, television, and video games. Also, you can create your videos and upload them for a specific target group. Partnering with social media platforms can be a source of income; for example, YouTube pays $1-$2 for a certain number of views. An animator can earn about $25-$106 hourly.

Graphic designers, businesses, websites, and institutions all need logos and advertisements. As a creative and talented graphic designer, you can work as you travel to create unique logos, sites, and Video Ads. A graphic designer can make up to $ 45000 annually or more, the more creative and aggressive you are, the more clients you attract.

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3. Customer Care Representative

Customer Care Representative

If you are good in communication skills and working remotely sounds ideal, this is the career to build. As a customer service provider, all you have to do is be acquainted with whatever services that the company offers. You can attend to customers by receiving and responding to their calls and emails from anywhere in the world. A customer care representative can earn from $8-$15 hourly.

4. Tutor

Do you have perfect mastery in any language or skill? Working remotely is possible. All you have to do is have a viable portfolio portraying your skills, market yourself to prospects, and make a career out of it. Also, some platforms like Skooli and Udemy provide such teaching opportunities. A tutor can earn from $30-$60 per hour.

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5. Virtual Assistant

If you are amazing in organizing, replying to emails, and creating schedules, this is ideal for you. All you need is a working portfolio to present to clients and companies who need virtual assistants. Virtual assistants have access to all the company’s information ad calendars, but they work remotely. A virtual assistant can make about $7-$16 per hour.

Working remotely can be challenging, mainly because of the distraction around the work setting. However, discipline to create a schedule and stick by it and aggressiveness towards your engagement can help you stay fully operational while working. That aside, working remotely gives you freedom in terms of setting and time; if this is your ideal career goal, log into our website https://searchremotely.com/ and find the career that best fits you.

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