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Cardano, Big Eyes, BTC, which offers the best security and privacy

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Lately, the crypto market has flourished to a great extent. Crypto traders or digital coin investors are highly interested in the crypto industry. That’s why thousands of new and futuristic cryptocurrencies come to the forefront today. For instance, Big Eyes Coin, also popularly known as BIG, has got a frisk start in cryptocurrency. It’s the latest crypto coin that has high competition in the market. For the pre-launch campaign, BIG amassed more than $27.18 million. For more check the link to learn everything about bitcoin-revolution.software

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Crypto Investments in 2023

We are already acquainted with the fact that Bitcoin has been the crypto market leader since the beginning. At present, the market capitalization of cryptocurrency is $427.52 billion – the highest in the crypto market. Investors and crypto enthusiasts will be more interested in cryptocurrency in 2023 because of the technology advancement.

Cardano, also known as ADA, is one of the most extensive cryptocurrencies. It has a market capitalization worth $13.32 billion. On the one hand, new cryptocurrencies have added to the digital market stake. However, on the other hand, security and privacy are still concerns for beginners in crypto trade and investment.

Which of the three most popular cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Big Eyes Coin, or Cardano- is the best choice regarding security and privacy? Let’s find it out.

Bitcoin: The Leader of Cryptocurrencies

Right from 2009, Bitcoin – BTC, is in complete existence. Bitcoin is the first decentralized cryptocurrency introduced in the market as open-source software. Users using BTC can send and receive payments without being obliged to the intermediaries.


Bitcoin relies on distributed ledger technology to offer safety to its users. The technology is called the blockchain. In terms of security, BTC is highly safe. How? Because here, no single entity or government authority dominates. Moreover, blockchain ledger technology calls for its ‘security.’ Using blockchain, every single transaction done gets recorded.

Bitcoin is quite a winner in security, but it’s different regarding privacy. Every single transaction on BTC is public. An observer can easily trace it for various purposes. The Bitcoin blockchain is 100% transparent. So, the entire detailing of the trade via BTC and the exact amount being sent or received is public.

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Big Eyes Coin: An Advanced Crypto Currency

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is the cat-themed meme coin emerging as an innovative player in the crypto market. The digital coin is among the top 10 when considering the 2 subjects, i.e., innovation and technology. It’s giving tough competition to Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Why? Because it claims to offer more privacy and security to its users.

Transaction record in Big Eyes Coin is protected for the users. This is done with the help of privacy-focused latest technology – zk-SNARKs. So, if you opt for BIG to trade or invest in crypto, you can easily send or receive money without revealing your identity.

The privacy policy and the security mark add up to Big Eyes Coin’s popularity. BIG gained amazing presales just a few times, i.e., above $27 million and counting. The only similarity between BTC and BIG is the security feature. Big Eyes Coin relies on a decentralized network like Bitcoin for secure transactions.

Cardano: The Biggest Cryptocurrency by Market Cap

The third-generation crypto coin – Cardano (ADA), has all unique features that mark up its security and versatility. Crypto enthusiasts find all solutions in terms of security and privacy that have already bothered them.

Cardano is popular in the digital market because this decentralized currency has a mind-blowing algorithm. It’s called ‘proof-of-stake.’ So, every transaction is protected and secured to prevent fraud.

The energy exhaustiveness of Cardano’s proof-of-stake algorithm is less when compared to Bitcoin’s proof-of-work algorithm. Henceforth, the former is more environmentally friendly and less inclined to centralization.

Talking about privacy, Cardano can replace Bitcoin. The modern technology it relies on is ‘Ouroboros Hydra.’ Users can indulge in digital transactions without the need to indicate their identity. So, no transaction is traceable.

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In conclusion, BTC, BIG, and ADA all have some benefits and drawbacks regarding security and privacy. And so, which one you choose for trading purposes is solely subjective. However, you can opt for Big Eyes Coin because the privacy and security it offers are unmatched. So, go for your digital currency investment now!

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