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Captive portals – 3 key benefits of offering free wifi to guests and customers!

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WiFi is an all-important feature that is almost necessary for any coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, and retail shops nowadays. Everyone needs to be connected to their phone and a network, whether it be to stay in touch with their friends during important conversations or to check their email for a time-sensitive business message.

Whatever the reason, offering free WiFi is a great marketing strategy and customer retention plot for almost all businesses around the world. Companies can increase their customer base and target market by offering free WiFi with an easy sign-in page that requires an email address or phone number.

By offering free Wifi, businesses can work on gathering customer profiles, building databases of customers, and marketing automation.

3 Benefits of Captive Portals

A captive portal is a web page that is easily accessed via computer or smartphone via a web browser. The web browser is displayed to users who are first-time users of the WiFi network and have never connected before. This page lets users connect to the public WiFi network by inputting some information before they can proceed with another web page.

The benefits of using a captive portal go way beyond simply offering users free WiFi – there are marketing benefits and customer retention goals that can be met while using a captive portal web page, learn more about it.

1. Enhanced security

One of the biggest benefits of using a captive portal page is a higher level of security for your company. Using a captive portal adds a layer of security to your guest network by requiring authentication before users can proceed to the internet, requiring new users to provide some personal data before continuing, such as an email address or phone number.

Authentication data can also be efficiently utilized to determine the type of network, helping the company maintain a secure network environment by preventing user access to personal data on other devices. Although guests can still browse the internet freely, there will be a limited measure of security and protection placed on the browsing guidelines.

2. Gather user data

A second benefit of using a captive portal is to gain user data for smarter marketing tactics. A captive portal lets you collect plenty of information about your guests, such as name, date, email, phone, and other basic information that is easy to input for the new user.

Gain user data for smarter marketing tactics

3. Legal protection

Providing a guest WiFi network gives users an easy way to connect to a network without having to pay or input extra information. In addition, it can help with any legal protection regarding a network breach, undetected viruses, or malware leaked into your system. Safeguarding your network, and your liability, ensures that any customers using your free WiFi can feel secure and safe while putting in personal log-in information to websites.


Using a captive portal to boost connection to your free guest WiFi network is an easy way to improve customer retention and customer satisfaction levels. Along with increasing the likelihood of returning customers, a captive portal page helps boost your network security, gather user data, and provides legal protection in the case of any network breaches.

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