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Can You Get a Mortgage as a New Small Business Owner?

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When you launch a business, it’ll be an exciting time, especially as you grow. There’ll be some unintended consequences of doing this, however, regardless of how successful it is.

Getting a mortgage can be more difficult, for example. You could think it’d be impossible, especially if you don’t know how to get a mortgage as a small business owner. It doesn’t need to be as difficult as you’d think, however.

As an entrepreneur, the process will be more complicated. There’ll be multiple documents to get together, finances to get sorted, and more. It shouldn’t be overwhelming; instead, it’s something that solely needs a bit of effort.

How can a small business owner get a mortgage? By following a few particular steps. The fact that it’s becoming an increasingly easier process should make this more straightforward.

Mortgages are Becoming Increasingly Easier to Obtain as a Business Owner

Figuring out how to get a mortgage as a small business owner may seem impossible. In years gone by, it often may have been. It no longer is, however; it’s becoming increasingly easier.

The recent pandemic has led to a spike in small businesses being established. These are primarily being seen in industries that let people work from home.

The rise in entrepreneurship is having a domino effect on the lending industry. While there are still requirements for mortgages, lenders are somewhat more lax about these.

They’re more willing to lend to small business owners. How can a small business owner get a mortgage? By keeping a few tips in mind and concentrating on particular areas.

Seek Specialist Mortgage Broker Advice

Specialist mortgage broker advice small business owners

Specialist mortgage brokers, like those at 94 Mortgages, have access to the whole-of-market, which means they can place contractors in front of an appropriate lender that deals in specialist mortgages. These specialists are more likely to view your application in a more favourable light.

Top Tips for New Small Business Owners

Figuring out how to get a mortgage as a small business owner doesn’t need to be difficult. While there are some extra steps you may need to take, they’re straightforward.

When you’re doing this, however, you’ll need to focus on a few particular areas. They’ll take some work, but they’ll reap dividends when applying for the loan. How can a small business owner get a mortgage? By focusing on the below tips.

Get Your Finances in Order

Self-employed people, which includes small business owners, are seen as riskier to give loans to. That’s why it’s often difficult for them to obtain mortgages.

By getting your finances in order, you can show lenders that you’re not a risk. Keeping your accounts organised is vital to this. You can do so in multiple ways, including:

  • Havin a solid proof of income.
  • Using an accountant.
  • Have proof of work contracts, especially for future work.

Once you have each of the above, alongside a few other bits and pieces, you shouldn’t have a problem highlighting your earnings. You’ll be able to lower the potential risk lenders have with you.

The more financial records you have, the better. Ideally, these would date back several years, although that may not be possible for new business owners. In that case, projects may also be helpful.

Save Up a Large Deposit

Saving money may not seem like a possibility at the moment, but it’s something you’ll need to do. You need a deposit to secure your mortgage, so you need to start saving.

The larger this is, the more likely you are to get the loan. How large this should be depends on your needs. It’s worth using an online deposit calculator for this.

Having a strict budget is vital to this. You’ll need to spend less than you’re earning. Depending on how large of a deposit you need, you’ll need to put away a substantial amount of your wage per month, especially if you want to get the mortgage soon.

Determine how much you can put away every month and you can figure out your timeline accordingly.

Improve Your Credit Score

You may have heard about your credit score. It’s essentially a rating of how likely and able you are to pay back any loans. The better this looks, the more able you can get a mortgage.

The terms of the loan may also be more favourable. There are multiple ways to improve this, such as buying things with your credit card and paying it off quickly.

While this may take you some time to do – especially if you have any debts – it’s more straightforward than you’d think.

How can a small business owner get a mortgage? By following the above steps and keeping a few tips and tricks in mind.

Though it’ll take some work, it shouldn’t be as difficult as many entrepreneurs seem to think.

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