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Can I buy a Health Insurance Plan on EMI ?

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We all lead extremely busy lives. Our everyday priorities, especially as adults, revolve largely around progressing in our professional lives, leaving almost no time to care about the most important asset of life: health. This results in poor health-risk management, and for those who have not carefully allocated their financial resources towards health, it becomes a huge financial shock when a medical emergency arises. This is where you save yourself this stress when you buy a health insurance plan, which comes as a financial savior during unprecedented and unexpected health crises. We at Chola MS Health Insurance always advise families to get sufficient coverage in order to mitigate the financial burden of sudden medical expenses.

What is health insurance?

What is health insurance

Health insurance acts as a financial aid and can be used during times of medical need or treatment. An individual can take as much money as they originally insured for such needs.

This process is usually hindered for two reasons.

1. Firstly, awareness about such facilities and the ability to avail of such health insurance schemes is difficult for people from rural areas as compared to urban areas. But this gap is getting bridged with technological advancement

2. Secondly, even those individuals who have the financial ability to practically avail of the best health insurance schemes, have not efficiently made use of it.

Why Chola MS?

Chola MS offers leading Insurance services in different categories. It is a safe and trustworthy option to invest your money in, knowing you will get the benefit that you are expecting to receive. It has a range of health insurance schemes available for your family, so that you can choose the one that works best for you.

The various health insurance options that are provided by Chola include:

1. Flexi-health, which provides a flexible Indemnity Health cover that can be personalized as per the sum insured, tenure of the policy, and the premium payment mode.

2. Arogya Sanjeevani Policy, which is a standard Indemnity Health cover that can be availed by both individuals as well as families. This offers benefits such as discount for families, no health-checkup, tax-exemption, etc

3. Chola Healthline, provides an inclusive policy with outstanding benefits for individuals and family who may be going through health emergencies.

Health Insurance on EMI

1. While health insurances are hugely beneficial and resourceful, they are a hard buy, not only for the rural population but also the urban population. In order to make it an affordable process and to also reduce the huge and sudden financial burden being placed on individuals, IRDAI has introduced the provision of paying health insurance in monthly installments. This surfaced mainly during the time of the pandemic when people were going through tumultuous times.

2. For elderly people with no children or little financial resources, it can be extremely helpful and useful, and the premium for young individuals will be less in comparison to elders.

3. For policyholders, it is a great option that they can avail of, as it is possible to make use of the auto-debit facility that EMI offers.

4. The primary premium cost does not change, irrespective of the plan being used such as monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly, but it also depends on the insurer and the provider.

5. A benefit that comes as a huge sigh of relief for most insurers while using installments, is the tax-exemption policy.

Most policyholders across India today, opt for the EMI option provided on health insurance. This makes it reasonably priced and also includes the entire family. For instance, if planned with thought and care, an individual making use of EMI might not have to prioritize between family members to allocate insurance to. In order to make the best choice, do go through the information on the Chola MS health insurance website and match it to your specific needs. Always understand the premium and its various commitments before you make a financial commitment.

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