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Why You Want Your Employees To Think More Sustainably

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2020 is not only the year of climate change at the forefront of national and international conversations, but organizations and businesses are expected to do their part – mainly because they tend to have a much higher eco-footprint than do individuals.

However, going green or striving toward being more sustainable and conscious about the world we live in does not need to be complicated or overly expensive. For many businesses, there is a considerable difference between looking and being green. In fact, adopting an eco-conscious attitude seems complicated and unrewarding, so lots of companies decide to “greenify” their trademarks while their workers and buildings remain as wasteful as ever.

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The truth is there are higher eco-footprint in transitioning to more sustainable work practices. Things such as encouraging your staff to develop green habits like ridesharing, recycling, or cutting out disposable packaging, provide instant advantages for your enterprise, including all of the following.

Being Green Saves Money on Essential Resources

As more businesses work toward being environmentally friendly, they are also learning that going green is saving them money.

This leaves more capital to stash in the business savings account and invest back into the business. In 2020, for businesses going green means much more than saving. Going green comes with many advantages, including less clutter around the office, tax credits, and clarity of the mind to the most important tasks.

For instance, investing in more energy-efficient devices and appliances have saved consumers more than $360 billion on utility bills, and you can enjoy these savings without asking anything from your staff.

However, businesses that enforce green practices have the opportunity to save even more. Also, asking your employees to turn off lights, power down devices and generally use less electricity around the office will reduce expenditures regardless of the effectiveness of your appliances.

Employees too can benefit a lot more from their paychecks when they agree to follow green guidelines. By following green practices at the office, they will be more likely to implement these practices into their homes, saving them money on utilities.

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Moreover, carpooling can save the average employee $600 per month- while choosing ridesharing can save your staff thousands of dollars per month on gas, insurance and maintenance, making your employee happier and keener to get to work.

Being Green Improves Employee Productivity

According to a UCLA study, businesses that follow green guidelines see a 16% surge in employee productivity, which means not only will you save money by being green, but you’ll make more profit as well. There are many possible reasons for this, including:

  • Following green standards presents a challenge that encourages employees ‘need to solve problems, helping them to find more effective solutions throughout their work.
  • Using sustainable products reduces employee exposure to toxins, allergens, and other harmful chemicals, reducing the probability of illness.
  • Promoting eco-conscious behaviour aligns with employees’ personal ideals, motivating them to work harder for the cause and improving their opinion of the employer.

No matter what motivates your employees, most likely you will see more, higher-quality work after you dedicate your company to true sustainability.

Being Green Attracts Better Work Force

Being Green Attracts Better Work Force Employees engage in sustainability

Every business wants the best possible employees, but what they don’t know is that excellent applicants know they can be selective about their employers. When both the income and benefits are equal, most outstanding employees, dedicate themselves to businesses that share their principles, so they can feel content when they head to the office.

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For instance, you can attract the best possible talent for your open post by cultivating a green work environment. If possible, implement a recycling program, or invest in one of those Miltek waste balers, and make your employees personally responsible for recycling so it can be apparent who is recycling and who isn’t.

Being Green Enhances Staff Relationships

Making your business green overnight requires plenty of communication which will help you bring your staff together.

For one reason, your employees will be working as a team toward a shared goal that is objectively honourable: saving the planet. For another, people will spend a lot of time interacting in new – unusual ways.

For instance, carpooling and rideshare in South Florida will provide employees with more off-work time to get to know each other and develop meaningful friendships. The more they get to know about each other, the more enthusiasm you will notice in the office.

Being Green Develops Brand Honesty

Transparency, authenticity, and sincerity are all essential elements of the brand experience today. Showing customers that you can follow your principles, stick to your principles and act with candour will reward you with their loyalty and cash. So although your brand might already seem sustainable and wholesome, unless you deliver your promises with honest green practice throughout your business – you are risking the loss of consumer loyalty and a significant scandal. In 2020, honest brands, not only earn their clients’ trust, they succeed to keep it positive through positive practices that uphold their brand messages.

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Take Ikea green guidelines – they rely on a series of tactics and sources to manage waste and renew energy. 90% of its buildings operate on solar panels, it uses wind farms to produce energy, and it has planted over a million trees while sending only 15% of waste to landfills.

Ikea came up with a strategy known as People & Planet Positive, encouraging consumers to think more sustainably. It manufactures products using only eco-friendly practices, which relieves people from the necessity to choose between sustainability and stylish design.

Today, Ikea holds numerous rewards for its green practices. It has been recognized for showing admiration for human and economic rights, as well as its impacts on the environment through regenerative efforts.

Delivering what you have promised is the gist to an eco-conscious image. When you make green claims, you have to ensure your entire company can back them up- which means your staff must be well-educated in the subject and active in supporting the brand’s green identity.

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