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Home Business What is Portfolio Risk Management and Its Strategies?   

What is Portfolio Risk Management and Its Strategies?   

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Risk management is a must to understand. Though, you cannot control the volatility or direction of stock prices.  The fact is everyone wants high returns on their investment.  The best investors are those who focus on risk and not the returns. If you know to manage the risk properly, there will be good returns. Taking prudent risks is one of the strategies for risk management.

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Priority is to avoid your investment capital large drawdowns. So, focus on portfolio risk management approaches or policies to have some control.  Follow simple rules such as:

  • Never lose money
  • Never forget you must never lose money

The rule is simple, but investors overlook them. There are successful investors following this as a priority.  They aim to make money in the longer term and do not consider losing it in the shorter-term.  Drawdowns result in more damage.

The Strategies for Risk Management

Strategies for Portfolio Risk Management

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A good offense is never successful without an effective defensive program. It is true for the investment strategy, as well. The best strategies with the investment are to safeguard yourself, and the portfolio risk management techniques are:

1. Follow the Trend

Following the latest trend is a smart way of managing investment risk. You can buy the stocks that are in trend and sell them as they violate the line support. Draw your trend lines on a chart keeping the higher lows or move average taking 50 a day. If possible, set a predetermined amount and sell.

2. Rebalancing

Investors in the longer-term manage risk by selling periodically, the asset classes, or stock investments. They sell the assets and buy more ETFs or stocks that underperformed. It is a way of buying low and later selling high.

3. Position Sizing

Playing defense is to limit your exposure. In case a given investment is riskier, you may not invest in it. You may invest a small amount. Many investors approach in this way to riskier sectors or too small-cap stocks.

A $2000 investment with a loss of 50% hurts more than an investment of $20,000.  The easiest portfolio risk management techniques are to lower the risk of the stock market by shifting some capital to cash.

4. Stop-Loss Orders

Inform your broker to place a stop-loss order so that you can sell out automatically a part or all of your stock or ETF. The moment it falls below the price point. The trick is at a low price. You can put a check on your capital loss.

By asking for a stop-loss order, you can restrict your portfolio damage and follow a strict defensive discipline. Ignoring or moving the stop-loss orders levels may result in a heavier loss than in anticipation. Thus, taking a smart decision means to consider the first exit.

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5. Diversification

The diversification of investment is one of the strategies for risk management that allows a person to buy asset sectors or classes that are not in relation. Thus, if one of the stocks goes up, there are chances the others go down. The very thought of diversification means to achieve a lot more when the market is in a good trend. However, in recent years, many asset classes are correlated.

Recently, even the bonds and stocks are moving mostly in one direction, then in the past. Undoubtedly, diversification helps you to limit the risk. It is a good strategy, but it works if you buy the assets that are not different. They should be uncorrelated. Ensure to look at recent performance relatively than depending on the relationships of the assets historically. It may or may not be working effectively.

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