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Types of Businesses Need Mobile Archiving Services

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Mobiles are fast taking over the corporate world as the go-to form of communication. Everything from sending emails to receiving calls is done via cell phones and hand-held devices. This has made it necessary for all businesses, whether small or giant to consider mobile archiving solutions.

This is especially true for text messages, which are fast becoming popular as a rapid-fire two-way communication. Unfortunately, texts unlike emails are more susceptible to data loss. There is not much you can do when your employee accidentally deletes an important conversation with a potential customer. However, you can prevent such a scenario with mobile archiving services.

This is why all businesses should consider archiving mobile data.

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1. Support eDiscovery, Court Cases and Litigation Preparedness

Litigation preparedness is a great reason for your business to consider capturing and archiving mobile data. This is regardless of whether you need to comply with specific regulations or not. Text message record, like emails, can be used as evidence in legal proceedings. It is important for businesses to maintain records and have access to them while facilitating eDiscovery and defending against false claims.

Archived text messages can serve useful if you are embroiled in a legal case. In fact, you may be obligated to produce text messages and other electronic content, such as files and emails as per regulations listed under Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

2. Text Message Record for Compliance Requirement

All industries have some form of regulatory compliance policy that needs to be followed in terms of retaining and producing content. These compliance regulations make it mandatory for businesses to retain client communication and other information, including chats and texts.

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You should consider capturing text messages, regardless of the industry you are in if your compliance policy requires it. This is especially true if your organization falls under the purview of GDPR, MiFID II, FINRA, and SEC regulations. Only government entities are not required to comply with Public Records Laws and the Freedom of Information Act.

Mobile Archiving Services

3. Access Older Content

Historical data can come in useful in various ways. Archiving mobile data allows employees to access this information whenever they want without having to clutter their device’s storage. You can reduce the demand on your IT staff. You also get to lower the overall time and cost related to upgrades, backup, and database tuning.

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4. HR Intervention and Training

It’s vital for businesses from all industries to know how their employees converse with customers, suppliers, vendors, and other stakeholders. By archiving emails, social media chats, and text messages, employers can possess a central point where all messages (new and old) can be investigated.

How do you prove if your employee is harassing a colleague or promising unrealistic things to a customer? Archived text messages and other mobile data can be a starting point for HR to carry out a detailed investigation. Archived data can come in useful even if there is no potential red flag issue. The information can be used for training purposes to help new recruits or existing employees communicate more effectively.

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