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Thursday, July 2, 2020
Home Business Top Online Shopping Sites in Singapore

Top Online Shopping Sites in Singapore

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When we are talking about the online shopping environment in Asia, we cannot forget Singapore. This country is very well-known among many people because it has a lot of educated citizens in its country. Many people are ready to purchase any products or services on the Internet from their own homes. Singapore is very well-known for its sophisticated digital economy that is available in this country. This country becomes a good target for many online shopping site owners that are available around the world. This article will talk about some popular online shopping sites that you can find in Singapore today.



1. FairPrice On

FairPrice On

This is a famous online shopping site that you can find in Singapore. This is a leading grocery retailer that is available in this country. When you visit this site, you will be able to purchase any household products, baby products, food, home accessories, and any other useful items. All products will be delivered to your home at a very convenient time. You don’t need to wait for too long for getting your items on your property as soon as possible. Don’t forget to check some weekly ads that are offered by this online store.

2. Carousell Singapore

Carousell is very famous among many people in Singapore. Its estimated monthly traffic is around 5.4 million visitors. This number is huge, so you can trust the reputation and reliability of this online shopping site. It was originally from a mobile platform. Carousell starts developing a new website online shopping site, in order to help all individuals or business owners who want to sell anything easily. Carousell is also available in many other countries from around the world, including Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and any other countries.


3. Qoo10 Singapore

It is an online marketplace that is very popular among many people in Southeast Asia, including Singapore. This marketplace is very well-known for its women categories and fashionable products. This is a joint venture between Giosis, Gmarket, and also eBay. The combination of those companies can create the best popularity of this company. Qoo10 has already succeeded in becoming the leader in the eCommerce site in Singapore. You can visit its official website on qoo10.sg. There are some new categories that are added to this site every month. This online shopping site is also available in-app version. You can purchase any products from Qoo10 from your phone easily.

4. Shopee Singapore

Shopee Singapore

This online marketplace is very famous among many mobile-first countries. When many people are using smartphones, they are familiar with purchasing any products from any online marketplace sites. Shopee targets all customers who are familiar with online shopping experience from their smartphones. This is a leading platform that is famous among many people in Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, and any other country. You will be able to find millions of products that are offered in this marketplace. Shopee Singapore has about 2.6 million visitors every month. Shopee Singapore is a huge number compared to other visitors on other online shopping sites.


5. Courts Singapore

This company is originated from the United Kingdom. Courts become very popular among many people in Singapore. This online shopping site offers many electrical products and furniture that is available for all customers. You will be amazed by all the products that are offered by this company. Courts become the leading retailer in Southeast Asia and Singapore. You can also use its store locator when you want to take a look at the stores available in Singapore. You can visit these stores for getting the best shopping experience in this country.

6. EZBuy

Ezbuy is a famous online shopping platform that focuses its business in the family, beauty, home, sports, electronics, automotive, and any other home products. There are a lot of American, Taiwanese, and also Korean products that are available on this site. EZBuy has a lot of high-quality products that are available at a very affordable price. This company also presents in several different countries, including Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. You can sort all categories on this website easily. When you have any problems when purchasing any products from this site, you can always contact its customer service.

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