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Wednesday, June 3, 2020
Home Business Top Online Shopping Sites in Japan

Top Online Shopping Sites in Japan

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Many Japanese people are very familiar with modern technology, including online shopping experience. They love purchasing any products or services from their own home or office. You can find a lot of online stores that are specially created for Japanese people. Many online stores are trying to promote their products or services to Japanese people because they are already educated with the most modern technology that is available in the world today. Here are some popular online shopping sites that you can find in Japan. These stores are popular for their interesting products and services.



1. Rakuma


It is one of the most popular e-commerce sites that you can find in Japan. It focuses its business in second-hand items. Rakuma allows all individuals to buy or sell their own items, such as home equipment, toys, electronics, clothes, decoration, and any other products. You can also find some farmers or food producers who are able to sell their products on the app directly. Rakuma is owned by Rakuten, one of the largest retailers in the world. This website has more than 14 million visitors every month.

2. Wowma

This is another popular online shopping site that you can find in Japan. This is a famous online marketplace that comes with complete products or services. When you visit its website, you can find more than 20 million products that are available on this website. Wowma offers a wide choice of many different categories, including home equipment, cosmetics, decoration, electronics, restaurant services, personal care services, and any other categories. It is owned by the KDDI mobile phone company which has a large share of mobile users in this country. There are a lot of products that are offered at a very affordable price. You will enjoy your great experience when shopping in this website.


3. Zozo Town

Many Japanese people love purchasing any products from this site. It is a special fashion and footwear shopping site that is available in Japan. Zozo Town store is owned by a mail-order company called Start Today. It becomes one of the largest fashion e-commerce sites in Japan. It provides products with varied categories from local and international brands. Because of its huge success, Yahoo Japan acquired a majority stake in Zozo Town in 2019. This e-commerce site is predicted to grow very rapidly in the next few years. You can find some popular deals and offers that are offered by this company.

4. Mercari


It is a famous marketplace app that is specially created for all Japanese people. Mercari app allows all people to buy or sell their own products on this app. You will be able to find many different products from famous brands, including sporting goods, electronics, fashionable products, and also toys. This app is very well-known for its Mercari Now Service. This service allows all sellers to receive cash instantly for any orders from this Mercari app. This online store is trying to expand its business to several countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom.

5. DMM

DMM is a popular e-commerce site and Internet company that is available in Japan. This company offers a wide range of products, including digital content (such as games, e_books, DVD releases), mail order, video on demand, and also online rental. There are many other services that you can find on this website, including solar panel installation service, charity auctions, online English education service, 3D printing, and also online games. When you visit its official site at Dmm.com, you can find a lot of interesting offers and deals from this site. These offers are specially created to attract a lot of customers from Japan.


6. Rakuten

If we are discussing the best online store in Japan, we cannot forget this online store. This online shopping site is very famous among many people in this country. It is Japanese e-commerce and online retail company. All brands are able to sell their own products in many different categories, including accessories, clothes, electronics, home equipment, cosmetics, and many other categories. Rakuten also expands its business to many other digital services, such as online marketing, digital content, online payments, and also communication services. There are more than 480 million visitors that are estimated to visit Rakuten every month.

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