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Top 15 Customer Feedback Questions to Improve Your Business

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No one would have been in business if there were no customers. We must, therefore, pay attention to consumer feedback to stay in business. The problem is that clients don’t always rush to us to express their opinions, so now we have to continue to seek this out.

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In this article, we are going to talk about the top 15 user experience feedback questions to improve your business.

1. What are your primary objectives?

Responses from your customers indicate what they genuinely want. It is a useful question for online shopping.

2. Where do you get your information for [your business, your product, or your service], and why?

This question’s responses shed light on your customers’ perspectives and their present sources of industry trust. This might help you learn how to gain and keep their trust.

3. “How do you prefer to buy things?”

Do your clients like to view a demo or take a product tour before making a purchase? Do they like to discuss it first over the phone or in person? Online shopping customer feedback questions should ask to include this question.

customer feedback questions Online shopping

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4. What interests and pastimes do you have? What do you do with your free time?

Even though it could seem off-topic and unrelated to the work your organization provides, this knowledge might be unexpectedly helpful.

5. How did you find or switch to our good or service?

The more potential clients you can engage and retain, the better you will be able to identify the company or lifestyle events that set them on the path toward becoming your clients.

6. What aspirations or dreams did you have for our good or service before you became a customer?

This inquiry, including one about objectives, exposes what people expect from what you provide. Your ability to market to them will improve as you become more aware of their objectives.

7. What is it that you do not like about our products?

Hearing success stories and receiving excellent client feedback is rewarding. However, the consumer experience is rarely perfect. So don’t be reluctant to request frank critique.

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8. How Frequently Do You Make Use Of Our Goods Or Services?

The answers to this question might reveal a lot about the degree of your customers’ problems, the significance of their objectives, and the caliber of your services.

9. How Would It Make You Feel If You Were No Longer Able To Be Using Our Product Or Service?

It’s important to comprehend how consumers feel about your brand. You must develop strong customer ties (also known as emotional ties) with your target market if you want to succeed and stay successful. This will provide them an added incentive to choose and continue with you.

Customer Feedback Develop strong customer ties

10. What Would Cause You To Discontinue Working With Us?

You’d undoubtedly concur that it’s preferable to understand the extent of a customer’s loyalty before they suddenly sever ties with you.

11. “What Networks And Content Formats Do You Prefer?”

Customers are in control of their keyboards. So, try to impress and retain them with your services.

12. How would you characterize our products or customer care?

This question is really valuable because it can determine if your message is understood or not.

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13. How would you define our company’s brand if it had been an individual?

This might assist you in seeing your brand through the perspective of your clients, similar to the previous query.

14. What are your primary objectives?

Responses from your customers reflect what they desire.

15. What alternatives did you examine before deciding on our proposal?

It would inform you about your key competitors in the business industry.


The user experience feedback would help you in increasing the business growth to a greater extent. So, ask for customer feedback and improve business performance.

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