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Thursday, May 28, 2020
Home Business India’s first modern meat retail company ‘Fipola’ launched in Chennai

India’s first modern meat retail company ‘Fipola’ launched in Chennai

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Chennai: India’s first modern meat retail company for fresh and hygienic proteins ‘Fipola’ was launched, today. Mr. Sushil Kanugolu, MD and CEO announced the opening of the stores to the public. The stores will be one-of-its-kind in meat retailing and will open to the public from September 25th, 2017.


The company follows a multi-conduit retail system and will offer the finest selection and quality of chicken, mutton and seafood. The products will be protein driven and can be customized with different cuts according to the consumers choice. Fipola will maintain the highest quality and safety standards throughout the supply chain. Right from careful selection of suppliers, raw materials, and ingredients, Fipola will follow stringent prescribed specifications throughout the processes of preparation, packaging and storage, to ensure the safe delivery of all products. The quality of meat and seafood will conform to HACCP, HALAL, FSSAI and ISO certification.

Fipola will provide odor-free, hygienic, modern meat retail stores with a wide range of products and services at reasonable prices. The stores will have highly certified and trained butchers, who will cut, slice and pack the meat in front of customers ensuring transparency. Coupled with well-managed backward integration, the products offered at the retail stores will be free from antibiotics, hormones and pesticides.


Mr. Sushil Kanugolu, MD and CEO, Fipola said,We are pleased to announce the opening of three retail outlets of Fipola in Chennai. We are committed to providing high-quality fresh meat and seafood. Fipola outlets are aimed at providing the best ambiance for the buyer. We are proud to say that women and children will also find meat buying a pleasurable experience at our store.

He further added; Fipola aims to bring in the best international practices in areas of procurement, processing, distribution and retailing of meat to our customers”.

Fipola is launching three stores across Chennai at Anna Nagar, ECR and OMR respectively. Eight depots will be supporting us across the city to ensure timely delivery to customers. Fipola will commence operations adeptly backed by a two-hundred member strong team with industry, culinary and retail expertise.


Fipola will also employ an e-commerce platform for online orders and call-center based doorstep delivery.

About Fipola:

Fipola is India’s first modern meat retail company for fresh and hygienic proteins. With a mission to redefine meat retailing in the country by delivering premium products and best-in-class customer service within a hygienic and convenient shopping environment. Fipola offers an unlimited choice of meats (fish/poultry/lamb), cuts and flavors. Fipola’s exceptional range includes free-range chicken and goat, alongside a wide variety of seafood. Based on a multi-conduit retail system, Fipola brings the finest meats to your table.

Retail stores are modern, air-conditioned, hygienic and odorless revolutionizing the retail experience. To facilitate customer convenience, an e-commerce platform for online orders and call-center based doorstep delivery has been set up. Fipola has an in-house certified laboratory guarantees chemical and pesticide-free products. The quality of the meat and seafood conforms to HALAL, ISO, HACCP and FSSAI certification.


Fipola is backed by SR-Marine, a pioneer in the seafood industry with a rich legacy spanning over three and a half decades. A seafood exporter that also supplies to five-star hotels, SR-Marine reported a turnover of over 140 crores in 2016. Fipola, benefitting from SR-Marine’s exceptional logistics, cutting-edge technology and their expertise in the food services segment, is well set to revolutionize meat retailing in India.

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