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How To Use Marketing Collateral To Help Your Business Grow

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Perhaps, you have been considering Business promotion to increase your loyal customer base! If so, then you need to identify the right marketing tool that will help your business to develop and grow significantly.

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About Marketing Collateral

It comprises of those marketing materials that are used to delivers brand message effectively. It also connects businesses with prospective customers and creates brand trust. Moreover, prospective customers can be converted into loyal ones. There are several types that are commonly used. It includes landing pages, digital marketing, digital content, product comparison page, branded content, presentations, testimonials, digital ads, brochures, direct mail, etc. You need to identify those that work well with your business and help achieve tremendous success.

Why such assets are considered vital for your business success?

It helps customer engagement, drive sales and revenue. It also improves brand awareness while creating qualified leads. Customers can also be educated about your brand as well as the products or services offered. It also helps overcome objectives while driving purchase decisions. Moreover, your sales and marketing team can derive effective and timely support. This way, it becomes much easier to achieve your set business goals.

Types and creation tips

There are easily available different types of Marketing Collateral that can be used. However, it should be selected based on your business model, marketing goals and customers. The truth is you won’t come across any one size fit all type. However, you can consider a few of them having universal appeal.

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1. Content marketing:

Content marketing Marketing Collateral

You can create fresh content on any industry that you belong to including fashion industry. It includes white papers, email newsletters, eBooks, blog posts, etc. It can make potential customers to be aware of the existence of your brand and develop customer loyalty. To create content to drive sales, make it scannable, ask for sale and gather customer information.

2. Brochures:

These are proven methods that are still effective. Having multiple pages, they can provide valuable information about your offered services or products. Being in printed form, key information can be passed on to your prospective customers or clients. It will also help create Brand awareness among potential customers and make them remember you for a long time. To create effective brochure, do not use big text blocks, focus on design, message should read clear and loud.

3. Product sheets:

They outline key points of a product. It also educates potential customers while answering their queries. You should include key details to make it more effective to promote your business. Provide information in bullet points and don’t overdo. Answer common questions related to your products.

4. Infographics:

It is considered to be a visual representation of key data or information. They are likely to be an excellent marketing material based on your presented data or information. Choose appropriate data to support marketing efforts and focus on design. The right design help convert data to an interesting visual story. Also make them shareable with others. This helps develop Brand awareness.

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5. Testimonials and case studies:

Be it fashion industry or any other domain, a few things can be regarded as more persuasive unlike social proof from marketing perspective. Testimonials and Case studies are regarded to be powerful tools that can be used to convince and convert potential customers. It also helps develop trust in the brand. Be specific, get different customers, use real pictures and names.

6. Additional types:

You may take into consideration other types for Business promotion based on your marketing goals, services or products offered. It includes social media marketing, advertisements, email marketing, educational videos, sales scripts, email marketing and competitor comparisons, etc.

Whatever be the type of Marketing Collateral you choose to use to promote your brand, make sure to do it the correct way.

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