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Wednesday, July 8, 2020
Home Business Key Business reopening strategies to be followed!

Key Business reopening strategies to be followed!

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Once COVID-19 comes under control, everyone would be aiming for sound business reopening strategies. Indeed, life needs to get back to normal. And, this calls for many effective and reliable strategies. If you are an entrepreneur or a human resource expert, you need to navigate through your entire company and identify ways of making the work environment safer. The environment needs to be safe for both customers and staff. According to experts, this is a new role many professionals will be forced to take part in. With this being said, here are a few important business reopening strategies for you.

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The most important rules!

First things first, you need to put forward a list of “no contact” rules. There should be limited handshaking, no hugging, or closed meeting rooms. Any form of physical contact should be reduced within the work environment. Undeniably, this would be one of the most important business reopening strategy you should focus on.

No item sharing!

desk space

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As a part of personal hygiene, you need to cut down on the number of items shared between employees. Things like staplers, pens, computers, desk space, and markets should be arranged wisely. To be more precise, companies should limit the need for such resources. Things assigned to individual workers should not be shared at any cost. Mainly because it increases the chances of spreading the disease once again.

A sensible floor plan

Moving on, management needs to be very careful with the official floor plan. The entire workspace needs to be reconfigured. This means employees should maintain at least a 6-foot distance between visitors, customers, and colleagues. It is crucial for companies to stress, and monitor this aspect.

Avoid common gatherings

The talk about business reopening strategies will be incomplete without concern around common gather regions. It is very important for employees to work within their stations. The amount of socializing needs to be reduced as much as possible. Office hangout spots should be monitored, and the amount of time everyone spends in these areas should be reduced.

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Hand sanitizing stations


Hand sanitizing stations

Another important area of focus would be the hand sanitizing stations. These stations need to be installed in the nuke and corner of the office environment. Employees should be encouraged to use the sanitizers every time they enter or choose to leave the office premises. As a part of the business reopening strategies, companies need to ensure that adequate hand sanitizers are installed throughout the building.

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