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Business 101: All About Small Business Loans

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Any starting or ongoing business requires funding and resources. After all, you cannot be totally certain about how things will go in the future. There are times when you have to shell out cash for several things, such as permits, item stocks, renewals, invoices, and so on. There are also instances where you might be short on funds to keep the business running. But it is not the end of the line once that happens. There are what we call small business loans. And it is high time that we talk about them for you to get back on your industrial feet.

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Small Business Loans

So what exactly is a small business loan? It is a financial option you can take for your starting business. It can also be a method for you to handle an expansion. Small business loans are ideal for business owners who wish to have temporary financial capital without losing equity or potential income. You may use the funds:

  • To purchase new items or stock
  • To relocate your business elsewhere
  • Hire new personnel
  • To cover other requirements that mandate payments
  • To buy new equipment and tools for the business
  • And so on

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Are There Various Kinds Of Small Business Loans?

Yes. Multiple variations of small business loans exist. Each type has a specific set of requirements and functions. Here are some of the more popular picks:

  • Term loans

A term loan is one of the most common small business loans you can afford. What happens is that you will receive funding, and you will pay for it in a fixed term.

  • Line of credit

Unlike term loans, a line of credit allows you to receive funding over and over. It is a flexible small business loan type that gives you access to cash as much as you need. With a line of credit loan, you will get the money in as little as two weeks.

  • SBA loan

An SBA or small business administration loan is like having a financial friend who works for the government. These agencies assist small businesses that cannot get help from anywhere else. In addition, there are many types of loans you can get with an SBA application. The only downside to it is towers of paperwork and arduous process.

  • Merchant cash advance

With a merchant cash advance, you will borrow your future earnings. You will pay a percentage of what you get. Merchant cash advance loans are speedy, unlike other alternatives. Application to receiving funds can take as little as two days.

  • Equipment financing

The name says it all. You can aim for this type of loan to purchase any or all the equipment for your business. Like most of the loans on this list, equipment financing consumes little application and fund receiving time.You do not have to worry about down payments and equipment loan interest rates with this type of loan. What you buy will serve as the collateral in case you have a hard time paying the funds back.

  • Commercial mortgage

A commercial mortgage is a flexible loan. You may utilize it to start with a build, relocate, purchase land, and expand, and so on. You may also use it to end a lease and start with owning a house or lot. Or why not both? 

  • Startup loan

We all have to begin somewhere. The same goes for business endeavors. A startup loan is your gateway to making that happen. You may borrow $500 to at least $70,000 to kick-start your industry. 

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Who Or Where Can I Get A Small Business Loan?

Get A Small Business Loan Business Loan

There is always an SBA or small business administration that has your back. It is an agency that assists new or ongoing business owners with financing and other matters. You may start from there. But if you do not wish to meddle with government agencies, opt instead for loan companies. No city around the globe lacks one, and you can visit yours for an appointment. Lastly, you have the internet. You will gain access to all the sites and platforms that handle small business loans and financial services once you go online. 

Let’s Talk About Approval Time

Lending companies have requirements you have to submit. After all, we are talking about money here. So you cannot blame companies for being strict and on point when it comes to approvals and related issues. 

Here are some of the factors you have to consider to get your loan’s green light:

  • Personal credit

Lenders will analyze your personal credit, which relates to how well you are doing when talking about finances. A decent personal credit is one step away from loan approval.

  • Debt coverage

Companies will also check on how you are faring with debts. If you are handling them efficiently, you are another step closer.

  • Business debt coverage

Can your business handle the loan you are applying for overall? Lenders will take a close look at if your enterprise can stand while paying for debts and other requirements.

  • Debt utilization

In addition to all of that, a company or lender will check if your business utilizes the debt to keep the ship running in the industry it is sailing. They will check your revenue, documentation, and so on.

  • Revenue trend

That approval is as good as yours when your business is going in the right direction. Companies and lenders tend to work with these types of individuals when they know that the industry is in good hands. 


One does not simply go for a small business loan. You must first ask yourself if you are eligible. There are some things you have to declare and submit. Here are some of them:

  • Time in business
  • Monthly or annual sales
  • Current bank statements
  • Business tax returns
  • The loan’s purpose
  • Your personal information and background
  • Collateral
  • Business legal documentation

To Settle Things

As a business owner, you have the option to pick a small business loan that will fit your needs and requirements. Check the terms, conditions, and other related matters a company or lender has to be on the safe side. Good luck!

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