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Home Business Budget Basics: Things That May Affect the Cost of Your Business Uniforms

Budget Basics: Things That May Affect the Cost of Your Business Uniforms

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Employee uniforms are usually implemented by businesses that want strong employee branding. These articles of clothing easily turn employees into brand ambassadors. Uniforms also instill a sense of pride and solidarity in the minds of the employees and stakeholders. On the employees’ end, they get to save money on clothes as they do not have to buy their own clothes for work.

Before you implement a uniform program in your business, it is important you know that this entails some cost. And you have to go through things to make sure that you will have the right budget for it. The budget you have does not only include the purchase of the shirts but also the complimentary items and services such as printing.



The proper budget will also make sure that you will not go overboard when it comes to spending. So if you are looking for some things that will guide you, here are a set of pointers that you need to keep in mind:

Budget Basics: Things That May Affect the Cost of Your Business Uniforms


The design of the uniform should be heavily considered and well thought of; the uniforms may be used for a long time. In this regard, you will have to work with a designer that can come up with the look of the uniform. Make sure that you pick a designer that understands the nature of your business and your industry in general. Also, it will help if you choose a designer that really specializes in work uniforms in New Zealand. Fashion designers and uniform designers are usually two different groups of designers.

Nature of Work

One thing that defines the cost of the uniform is the nature of your work or industry. For one, if you are running an engineering firm and you have fieldwork, your employees there will have to wear protective gear and an additional layer of clothing to keep them safe and comfortable. A corporate business may require employees to have blazers and ties, which are an additional cost on top of the shirts and pants.


Cost of the Acquisition

The acquisition of the materials will also have some costs. The type of fabric that you will use, the number of pieces to be tailored and the delivery of the uniforms all come with a fee. These things should be factored in when you are already planning the budget.

Average Cost per Employee

Business Uniforms Average Cost per Employee

Now that you have factored in the most important aspects of making uniforms, you should start gauging the average cost per employee. List down all the items that your employees will wear, from gloves, pants, to caps. Get the cost of each and multiply it with the number of employees.

Implementing an employee uniform program can bring a lot of benefits to your business. On top of the business branding, you also instill a sense of pride in your employees. But the cost that you have itemized for the program may vary from industry to industry. For one, companies in the engineering industry may have higher budgets, as the employees’ uniforms may include accessories and safety equipment.


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