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Wednesday, August 5, 2020
Home Business Best B2B Platforms in India

Best B2B Platforms in India

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Although India is a large populous country it is very important for one to find the best wholesale business place in this country. This can apply to both places online on the internet and offline in the physical market. However, one cannot deny the fact that there are platforms that you can use in India if you are into wholesale businesses.

We have compiled a list of the wholesale business places that you can use in India. This list is determined on which places are best for you irrelevant of anything that you would like to purchase or sell in the wholesale marketplace. Each of them may have different terms of service that you would have to compile with to be part of the best distribution business in India.

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Top 5 wholesale business platforms in India

1. Alibaba


This wholesale business platform came into existence in the year 1999 and has been developing ever since. It is one of the largest and most productive areas of B2B platforms in India that you can ever find. It is possible for people to find high-quality products from suppliers who are verified by the platform. This way the customer who makes a purchase from this platform knows about the authenticity of the products that they purchase.

Alibaba operates its services across almost all domains and industries in India. This website is also known to give different types of discounts to its customers apart from providing products at a lower price when compared to market prices.

2. Indiamart


Although this platform was founded in 1996 and before the previous one it still stands atop and is considered going neck-to-neck with the prior one. Indiamart is also said to be one of the first companies that ventured out to test the IPO market. In the financial year 2018, the company reported total revenue of ₹ 403.5 crores.

It is known to provide customers to customers, B2C, and B2B range for its customers from India. The growth of the company is said to be higher than previously estimated by experts in the market. Using a simple search option, you can search for the products of your choice and find them with relative ease on the web portal or the mobile application.

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3. TradeIndia


This is another platform that has grown considerably ever since it was founded in the year 1996. This is still a considerable force to reckon with in terms of B2B platforms. This portal is aimed at small businesses both around the world and in India. It is headquartered in New Delhi, India, and serves customers all over the world.

This portal also has a specific mobile-optimized page for users who access it from their mobile phones. It also has its branches in 35 Indian cities making it one of the better spread out companies in India offering B2B services for customers. It is said to have over 1,20,000 products in different categories and subcategories making it one of the largest in terms of product listing in India.

4. Go4worldbusiness


This business was founded a little later than the two above in the year 1997. It still has a considerable customer base when it comes to wholesale business in India. The headquarters of the company is in New Delhi, India with offices spread all across the country. It is said to be one of the most trusted portals for both customers and small businesses alike. Importers, exporters, manufacturers, buyers, sellers, suppliers, and others in the market chain are connected through this portal making both buying and selling easier for everyone.

Connecting with this website as a seller or manufacturer is easy and that makes your product available to the end customers directly. All suppliers and manufacturers are verified by the company to ensure that no one in the chain gets affected due to bad products or services.

5. Jimtrade


Perhaps the latest on the top 5 to emerge in the B2B platform is this company in the year 2005. But still, this company is competing with the top 4 in the lot in terms of the business it does with its customers. This has more than 5 lakh manufacturers connected to this website with more than 20,000 categories and subcategories. Customers are able to make purchases directly from the mobile app of the company without much fuss.

The website of the company is simple to use for a layman who is looking for a specific product of their liking. You can choose your search between products, suppliers, and trade fairs which makes it easier for you as a customer.

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A lot of people who have wholesale business ideas visit these websites to figure out how these can help their business. They not just find what they want to sell but also find out more about their buyers as well from the above-mentioned websites.

You would also be surprised to find the best wholesale business list from these websites that can help you establish your business successfully in India. Each of these companies has different terms for your business to be enrolled with theirs which you should be aware of before you take the plunge to use them.

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