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Home Business 5 Types of Corporate Gifts Every Office Manager Should Know

5 Types of Corporate Gifts Every Office Manager Should Know

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Corporate gifts are a great way to please and impress your employees, colleagues, and clients, and are important to maintain a good working relationship.

The best corporate gifts for clients are not always so easy to find, and we’re going to give a few examples while listing the best types of corporate gifts. Other than that, we’ll also show some Gemnote Promotional Items that made their company so successful.

While there are certainly many types of gifts for clients and employees, these are the absolute best that your office manager should go for. Make sure to read until the end to know the best corporate gift ideas.

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Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts

Eco-friendly items are unique corporate gifts that are fantastic to save our planet. The best examples are water bottles as they can save thousands of plastic bottles and therefore are a blessing for our oceans all around the world.

Other than that, it will also help you, or your client’s company, save a lot of money on reusable plastic glasses and that is a great addition. Lastly, eco-friendly gifts always leave your clients or colleagues with a favorable impression.

5 Types of Corporate Gifts Every Office Manager Should Know

Best eco-friendly gifts:

  • Soma Water Bottle 17 Oz. – $30.00
  • S’well Water Bottle 25 Oz. – $35.00

Lastly, there are other brands that are eco-friendly. In fact, any company can reduce landfill waste by recycling, composting, or buying items with less packaging.

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Corporate Gifts that Anyone Can Use

Corporate gifts are not always easy to find and clients and employees are not always to please. For this very reason, corporate gift ideas that anyone can use are the perfect kind of gifts.

For instance, universal brands like Native Union or Tile offer some corporate gift ideas that will suit everyone and will be practical to all your employees and clients.

Corporate Gifts

The best corporate gifts that anyone can use:

  • Native Union Night Cable – $40
  • Sol Republic Wireless Amps Air – $129.99
  • Faribault Oversized Buffalo Check Wool Blanket – $160

To sum up, corporate gifts that anyone can use are some of the best ones that every office manager should know about.

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Tech Corporate Gifts for Clients

Tech corporate gifts are some of the most appreciated by employees and clients. We all need that uncommon accessory or last generation gadget and we can assure you that everyone will appreciate it.

Tech corporate gifts are also very budget-friendly as you can always find any price category. From as low as $5 to hundreds of dollars, you’ll have plenty of choices everywhere you look. Here’s a great tech gift guide article showing the entire spectrum of options to choose from.

Tech Corporate Gifts for Clients

The best tech corporate gifts are:

  • Le Cord Silver Earphone – $39
  • Nomad Base Station – $99.95
  • Jam Audio Bluetooth Speaker – $49.99

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Food Gifts

Food gifts are much more important than many could think. In fact, they are perfect for many different employees, clients, and situations.

The current situation is the best example of this type of corporate gift. In fact, you can give food gifts to people working from home, to clients’ birthdays, and even as holiday gifts.

Food Gifts

Food gifs never get old and most people usually appreciate them when receiving those. We can take the example of Unna Bakery and Candy Club which sell delicious sweets and cookies in beautiful packaging. Brands like these make food products some of the best corporate gifts.

The best food gifts:

  • Unna Bakery Ginger Snaps & Vanilla Dream Tin – $14.99
  • Candy Club Gift Boxes
  • Raaka Best Sellers Bundle – $15.00

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Custom Corporate Gifts

Custom gifts are some of the most unique and personal gifts to be given. In fact, there are more and more possibilities online and you can customize pretty much anything you can think of.

From business thank you gifts to more friendly and informal ones, anything is possible.

5 Types of Corporate Gifts Every Office Manager Should Know

The best custom corporate gifts are:

  • Custom Pen – $3
  • Custom Bags – $10
  • Custom Sweatshirt Fleece Blanket $15

Of course, there are more premium and elegant custom gifts to give, and big companies may also customize their products on-demand with your logo or slogan.

Last but not least, it will make your gift a really unique present for your employees, and they’ll remember for a long time, unlike a normal corporate gift.

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