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5 Benefits of Address Validation Solutions for eCommerce in 2021

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The eCommerce industry has seen unprecedented growth over recent years. The global health crisis has further hastened its rise. More and more businesses are now establishing an online presence and transitioning to digital transactions.

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While setting up a website seems simple, achieving ecommerce success is not that easy. It’s not enough that you have a good product to sell in your online store. There’s a myriad of factors that can affect your online shop like marketing and promotions, brand awareness, payment processing, website management, etc. User experience is a critical aspect of an ecommerce business.

A sloppy or complicated online shopping experience can easily turn away potential customers. Even during the checkout, they can back out and abandon their shopping cart if they didn’t like the experience. This can take a serious dent in your conversion rate.

Although numerous aspects affect user experience, here we’ll discuss one crucial aspect – address validation.

What is address validation? Why is it important?

As the name suggests, address validation is the process of verifying the address data including building number, street names, city, state, and postal codes of a user.

An address validation tool uses advanced geo-mapping technology and address database from major courier services such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, and other mailing databases to cross-reference user addresses. With the right address, you are sure that the order is completed successfully and delivered to the proper address in a timely.

Address Validation Solutions

This powerful ecommerce tool has become commonplace in ecommerce. It helps businesses reduce checkout errors and boost conversion rates.

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Benefits of Address Validation Solutions

If you haven’t started using address verification in your ecommerce business, you’re missing out on its many benefits. Here we check out the top 5 benefits of this tool.

Improve conversion rates

One of the reasons why many potential buyers don’t proceed to buy a product is because of the complicated checkout process. With address validation, you can make checking out straightforward. It also ensures customer satisfaction as the items will be shipped to the right address.

Address validation tools reduce clicks, thereby clients put in less typing effort. This added convenience can help improve the conversion rate. Furthermore, a good customer experience increases customer loyalty and the chances of future transactions.

Prevent pop-ups

Customers simply hate pop-ups. Usually, these pop-ups indicate a problem with your transaction. It can be irritating to see a pop-up after completing your orders. Real-time address validation ensures that customers put in the right details. In case there are errors, the validation tool will automatically check it and let you know. It will then fix the error so the customer can proceed to checkout.

Better shipping results

Using a correct address format is vital to ensure that the product is delivered timely. Many times, courier companies have a hard time locating an address because of faulty format. As a result, the product may not be accepted by the shipping company. It is also important to note that different jurisdictions use unique address formatting styles. Address verification tool ensures that addresses follow the standard format for a given destination.

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Improved customer experience

In the world of ecommerce, customer loyalty is a big factor in success. Repeat transactions comprise a major part of business revenues. After all, it’s a lot easier to sell products to previous customers than to convince new customers. The address validation tool helps boost customer retention by ensuring delivery success. They know that you are a reliable ecommerce brand.

Not all ecommerce businesses use address validation solutions, hence, adding this extra feature on your website shows that you really care about user experience. It can make customers feel that they are given utmost attention. The extra effort you put in for a straightforward check-out process can have a positive impact on your brand.

Timely delivery

According to developers of address validation solution Byteplant, the verification solution can greatly help ensure the timely delivery of products. In most cases, you’ll only find out that the shipping address is incorrect if the courier sends it back. Undelivered packages can lead to unwanted delays and customer dissatisfaction. Even if you try to reach out a customer to get the correct address, you’d have wasted a lot of time. Furthermore, re-sending undelivered packages can take up the time of your employees.

Address validation confirms the recipient’s address before the package is sent. So, once it ships out, you know that it will be delivered to the customer right on time.

The benefits of integrating an address validation solution make it a worthwhile investment for any ecommerce company. In a highly competitive digital economy, you should be ready to invest in any tool that can help improve customer experience.

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    Delivering in right time is very important & having verified address or location help to dothat.

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    Very good feature described. I think in letter part medicine delivery app will implement it for better customer support.


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