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Your Ultimate Guide to Different Kinds of Services You can Expect from a Contract Packer

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If you are involved in the production and manufacturing of goods, whether food items, pharmaceutical items, cosmetics, industrial parts or components, household items or cleaning products and more, you have most likely been trying to tackle production packaging on your own. But what if there is a sudden demand for your products and you still have to worry about packing them on top of trying to manufacture and produce them?

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Rather than worrying about packaging your products, you can enlist the services of a contract packer, and they can take charge of the packaging for you. Fulfilling your packaging requirements in-house could be a real challenge. Still, with the help of a contract packing provider, you can concentrate on production and will no longer go through the hassle of packaging without the proper equipment, staff, or know-how. But what are the services you can get from a contract packing firm? Here’s your ultimate guide to the different kinds of services you can expect from a contract packer.

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The different services and processes offered by a contract packer  

contract packing Guide to Different Kinds of Services

  • Flow wrapping is when the contract packing firm seals the products or items in film whilst the products run on a conveyor.
  • Vertical bagging or form fill sealing – VFFS, as it is also known, is where the packing machinery of the contract packing service creates a bag around the product as it is packed.
  • Shrink wrapping – shrink wrapping is perhaps the most common contract packing service, and a contract packing specialist will use heat to seal the items or products in a tight cover or package made from plastic.
  • Overwrapping – with overwrapping, the contract packer will wrap a product or item with another layer of film on the outer portion, so the product is more adequately protected. It also contributes to a more luxurious feel and appearance for the product.
  • Sleeve wrapping is when the contract packer will wrap a particular product or item (or a group of them) using a tight and thick sleeve made from polythene.
  • Blister packing – blister packing or packaging is when the contract packing provider packs the products or items in a plastic case (which is already pre-formed), accentuated with a backing of cardboard or plastic.
  • Gas flushing – the process of gas flushing involves injecting gas right into the product’s packaging, so oxygen is flushed out, thus enhancing the shelf-life of your product or item.
  • Sachet and pouch packing – sachet and pouch packing, as its name implies, is the packing of your product or item into sachets or pouches, such as with various food items or snacks.
  • Bottling – contract packers can also bottle your products and pack the bottles in pallets and bulk.
  • Filling – filling is when the contract packer fills pre-designed and pre-made packages with your product.

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Your chosen partner in contract packing can also deal with coding and labelling for your products, ensuring that they are adequately coded and labelled for proper inventory and distribution. Some contract packers can also provide hand assembly where they will assemble your products by hand. It is often ideal for uniquely shaped products or products too fragile or delicate for machine packing.

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