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Temporary Manufacturing Buildings for Industrial Applications

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Flexible temporary buildings are ideal for several industrial manufacturing applications. The temporary structures from Smart-Space, for instance, guarantee space to move around. These buildings can easily be customised to suit your specific manufacturing needs. Even for interim purposes, prefab temporary buildings can help you lower your costs and increase your operating capacity.

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Adaptable manufacturing buildings can help your business meet its demand for temporary space for storage, construction, and other applications. Whether you are in the mining, construction, oil & gas, warehousing, energy or just about any other sector, you will find temporary buildings to be very convenient.

Construction & Industrial Tents

Smart-Space’s prefab steel buildings are precisely built to suit any demanding construction project. The portable and durable steel structures can be easily assembled and installed immediately for maximum versatility. Reduce your downtime, protect your assets from harsh weather, and lower your costs by using innovative temporary structures.

Temporary Industrial Buildings

Environmental applications

Some environmental applications demand faster and more efficient modular structures. The relocatable modular facilities from Smart-Space can withstand extreme weather. If your brand is on the path to embracing green buildings, recyclable steel buildings can help you achieve that goal.

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Are you looking for industrial tents to set up a temporary warehouse? Smart-Space could be the best supplier for you in the UK. Their industrial fabric facilities can be put up faster than traditional brick-and-mortar structures. Modern temporary tents can provide a bright and spacious warehouse to meet your storage needs.

Suppliers such as Smart-Space and HTS can deliver and install portable steel buildings at your preferred site, and what’s even better is that the costs of setting up portable industrial tents for your production line won’t take a huge toll on your wallet.

Having a flexible temporary structure on your site can offer your production team a weatherproof working area. A secure tent will ensure that your workers and equipment stay safe and secure.

Insulated steel buildings with large doors can provide an optimized space for many manufacturing operations. By working with experienced temporary building suppliers, you can make the most out of every square foot of your manufacturing facility. Let your raw materials roll in through your facility at one end and your packaged finished products can be picked up at the other.

Use temporary buildings of unbeatable quality and get value for money

Experienced temporary building contractors will provide their clients with high-end products that offer value for money. You can assemble, extend and relocate functional modular properties with minimal disruption to your essential manufacturing activities. This can be done at unrivalled speed compared to conventional construction methods.

Product testing and operational use

Invest in robust modular structures that are proven to be great for diverse applications. Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, Smart-Space temporary manufacturing buildings can meet your specific budget and operational applications. These come with accessory products to modernize your manufacturing floor.

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Compliance with building regulations

All Smart-Space temporary manufacturing buildings comply with the UK’s building codes and international standards. Qualified and certified professionals will install these on your site for you anywhere, anytime.

You can install Maxi-Space temporary buildings under a single span roof. Clear span buildings with a maximum span of 60 m and infinite length are available from Smart-Space UK. These could also be installed with mezzanine floors. Temporary manufacturing buildings are great alternatives to expensive brick-and-mortar structures.

Obtain unlimited flexibility to increase or lower your manufacturing capacity as and when the needs of your business change.

If you hire or fully purchase any type of temporary building from Smart-Space it can be erected in a matter of a few days as opposed to waiting for months for a permanent structure. Quickly extend your existing place or create a new building from scratch in no time.

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