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Tuesday, May 26, 2020
Home Business Ideas Smart Business Ideas That need minimal Investments in India 2020

Smart Business Ideas That need minimal Investments in India 2020

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India has one of the most promising and lively landscapes for starting a business. Whether you are a master of an art, or a Jack of many trades- your chances of becoming successful is high. With this being said, here are a few interesting businesses you can start.


Home solar systems

Home solar systems

The list of great startup ideas begins with solar systems. The demand for renewable energy sources is high. Almost every household in the country is longing for cheaper, and more efficient energy resources. This is where solar energy comes into the picture. If you can come up with a solar energy setup, which is affordable and reliable – you will make a fortune.

Internet Company

The need for high-speed internet is growing by leaps and bounds. With many job opportunities in the field of information technology, there is so much scope for internet companies. Many rural parts of India, don’t have a reliable source of internet. Well, most of the services are confined to urban locations. In such a situation, the market for internet companies that can service rural regions is “strong”.


Inventory Management 

Next in line would be inventory management. A major reason behind the need for this industry would be e-commerce. With so many online shopping websites, where would businesses store their supplies? Inventory management and reliable warehouse systems are essential for the growth of any online business. Even if you have a small piece of land, you can convert it to a warehouse. This is a simple business that needs a minimal investment.

Mobile Wallets

Mobile Wallets

You may consider that the space for mobile cash wallets is taken by giants like Paytm and Google Pay. Well, there is so much more to this industry. Every now and then, a monetary transaction takes place in the country. To be precise, the transactions happen every second. This means you have so much room for building wallets that are fast and reliable. To start a mobile wallet company, you need a small amount of investment. Fortunately, most programmers with a “perfect” idea have access to genuine investors.


IOT home consultant

Finally, you can build a company that takes the internet of things to households. To begin with, the government of India has special plans for businesses that are interested in IOT. Meanwhile, you need to work with builders and infrastructure companies to spread news about your business. This is what makes IoT home consultation a true challenge.


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