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Our Top Team Day Ideas for Your Office

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The backbone of your business is not the CEO, and it’s not the clients – it’s your hardworking team of employees. As a business owner, a lot of your time should therefore be dedicated to making sure your employees are the happiest they can be while they continue to produce amazing work.

Along with work perks and benefits, one way you can treat your employees and build upon their skills is a team day! Don’t know where to start? Here’s some inspiration.

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Escape Rooms

One way to foster teamwork among your employees is by visiting an escape room. It’s a fun, easy way to put pressure on your team to work harder and closer together.This will build trust and respect between each team member and will also challenge them to become more resourceful.

Orienteering/Sports Days

Orienteering/Sports Days Team Day Ideas

Athletic competition is great for team building and getting rid of any excess stress – plus exercise and fresh air are healthy for everybody. It will also give employees who may not know each other the chance to interact.

Build team spirit by getting special t-shirts made up and print a poster or banner of the team after the event to hang up in the office as a reminder of the day.

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Paintball/Laser Tag

If you are looking for an even more intense form of competition, paintball and laser tag could be a good choice.

Many will find this action-packed activity both fun and challenging. You will be getting your workers to collaborate in a high-pressure – but enjoyable – environment, which will no doubt be transferrable to the office.

It’s easy to find a paintball location near your office and they usually have discounted prices for big groups, making it perfect for colleagues.

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Office Bake-Off

Another good way of developing camaraderie among your employees is to give them an opportunity to show off how well they can cook. A bake-off is an excellent way to do this.

It will create some friendly competition and your employees will be able to indulge in all the cookies, cakes and baked goods they could desire. Prizes for the people who have the best recipes is also a good idea.

When workers feel included and appreciated, their productivity increases. Office team days can help nurture those feelings.

There is no need to limit yourself to the examples above. Depending on your business model, you may be able to create your own team days that are directly related to your industry.

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