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Best Business Ideas You Can Try in 2020

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Building a new business should never have to be difficult for you. You can start planning your business plan at the beginning of this 2020 year. There are some business ideas that you can try this year. These business ideas are popular among many entrepreneurs because they can be done easily and quickly. They can bring a lot of opportunities for all entrepreneurs who want to start a new business this year. You can choose the best business that can meet your preferences. Make sure that you are happy with your business, so you will be passionate enough to do your business every single day.



Popular Business Ideas to Try This Year

 1. Online Bookkeeping Service

This is a great business idea that you can try, especially if you love doing some bookkeeping activities. You can help other business owners who want to manage their bookkeeping activities in their companies. If you have a background in this job, you can become a professional bookkeeper or accountant from your own home. You only need to use certain accounting software and appointment setting tools for helping all of your clients from your home. You only need to have a computer, stable internet connection, and also a mobile phone for managing all of your daily tasks.

2. Online store

If you are looking for the best business idea that you can start from your own home, you can take a look at this opportunity. You can start becoming a new entrepreneur this 2020 year by opening a new store on the Internet. You can sell anything that you love in your e-commerce store. There are a lot of tools that are available today, so you should be able to set up everything very quickly. This opportunity is recommended for you who are looking for a low-cost business idea for you to try this year. It can bring high value when you know how to promote your online store to a lot of customers from around the world.


3. Data analyst consulting

This is another recommended business idea that you can try this year. With the development of “big data”, many companies are trying so hard to get access to a lot of information for their business growth. They need the best data analysis service that can help them adjust their business strategies. If you are planning to become a professional data analyst, you have to improve your knowledge in mathematics, finance, and also economics. This business idea can help you get access to get enough money for supporting your daily life.

4. SEO and Social Media Expert

This year will be another great year for the online marketing strategy. There are many companies that want to promote their products or services via the Internet. It can be a huge opportunity for you to earn a significant income from this area. You can learn about how you can be a successful SEO and social media expert. This job opportunity allows you to get a lot of clients who need immediate exposure to a lot of potential clients on the Internet.

5. Handmade Goods

If you love art and design, you can consider selling any of your items to other people this year. You can take a look at any websites selling homemade goods, for example, Etsy. You will get inspiration by visiting some of these websites. Selling your homemade goods to other people can bring significant income, especially if you do this job with full of your effort. It is recommended for you to sell your products on two or more sites, so you can get access to a lot of customers at the same time.


6. Drone photographer and videographer

This is another great job opportunity for you who love photography. The demand for the drone photography is still increasing from time to time.  You only need to invest your money on some high-quality drones that are available on the market. Don’t forget to come to some interesting places, so you can meet other promising people to become your clients. This job is suitable for you who love piloting drones. Certain countries require their citizens to have specific certifications to pilot a drone. You have to check all the regulations in your country before you can start your business in this niche.


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