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12 Low-Investment Business Ideas for Students

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Students are young, full of knowledge, and ready to invest their energy into a great business. But, most students don’t have the funds to start big. That’s why it’s a better option to consider a low-investment business idea and see where that takes you. To help you out, we’ve prepared a list of 12 business ideas for students that require minimal money investments.

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1. Catering

Home-based catering is a brilliant way to start earning money without any major investments. You’ve already got the basic kitchen equipment and the space at home. All you need to invest in is the supplies and groceries for your first job.

2. Online Tutoring

As a student, you’ve got fresh knowledge and a learner’s perspective. That can help you be a great online tutor. You can advertise your services on social media or use tutoring platforms to find clients. All you need is Wi-Fi and a quiet space.

3. Blog Writing

Blog Writing Blog writing business Low-Investment Business Ideas

Do you have writing talent? You can turn it into a blog writing business. You can offer your services to small businesses at first and write the content for their online strategy. In case you need some writing help at the beginning, google “best website to write my essay” to find the best writing services. They can edit and polish your content in the beginning.

4. Pet Business

The pet industry is growing stronger by the day, and there’s always room for you to grow and advance. Start with dog walking since it requires nothing but advertising your services. Once you save some money, start offering grooming, training, or pet daycare.

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5. Dropshipping

Starting a dropshipping business is a great idea for students. Working by this model means you don’t handle any of the stock and the inventory. You just set up an online store and team with suppliers. You handle it all online.

6. Design

If you’re a skilled designer, you could start selling your designs online. Work on ideas for:

  • T-shirts
  • phone cases
  • hats
  • backpacks
  • stickers

Then, set up a profile on one of the online design stores to get started. You can set up your own website later on.

7. Video Courses

Online learning is growing strong in 2021. People are signing up for online courses to acquire new skills and expand their knowledge. Consider creating video courses and selling them on platforms such as Udemy.

8. Personal Shopper

If you’re into fashion and have a good eye for styling, you can offer the services of a personal shopper. You’d be helping people buy clothes for work, special occasions, vacations, etc.

9. Popcorn Stand

Everybody loves popcorn. Your initial investment would be buying one popcorn stand and getting the license to sell at a certain location. Later on, you can buy more stands and hire people to sell for you.

10. Social Media Management

For marketing and PR students, this can be a great business opportunity. You know how social media works, and you’ll work on making your social media management skills stronger. Offer your services to local businesses and do your best. Once you gain experience, you’ll be able to take on bigger clients.

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11. Food Delivery Business

More and more people are giving up on cooking due to lack of time and busy schedules. Starting a food delivery business would require:

  • creating a menu
  • finding a delivery boy
  • buying a delivery bicycle or car

It’s great if you want to advance in the food industry.

12. Event Planning

All you need to be an event planner is great research and organizational skills. You’ll also need some charm to impress your first clients. Volunteer to organize some family events for free and start advertising your services online.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are business ideas you could easily start on a small budget. What you do need is a good business plan and determination to work hard.

Hopefully, the ideas above will inspire you to start a low-investment business and start building your career.

Author’s Bio

Mark Blackwood is a content writer and career consultant. He mainly writes for an audience of students and young professionals. He focuses on sharing tips that are valuable, easy to apply, and highly practical.

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