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Bookmap Coupon Code

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Have you been wanting to try Bookmap but were waiting for the right deal? Well, now’s your chance. Bookmap offers 20% off their monthly subscription plans for a limited time using the coupon code BM20.

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Bookmap is an innovative trading platform that provides a dynamic heat map view of the markets. It lets you see the flow of orders and trades in real time to spot important support and resistance levels, see where the big players are active, and find hidden liquidity pools.

Whether you’re a day trader, swing trader, or long-term investor, Bookmap gives you an information advantage that can help improve your trading decisions. At 20% off the normal price, now is the perfect time to sign up for a free trial and see how Bookmap can enhance your trading. Enter BM20 at checkout and start mapping the markets today! Here is a comprehensive book map review.

What Is Bookmap?

What exactly is Bookmap? Bookmap is an advanced charting platform that gives traders an innovative way to visualize market data.

Bookmap uses heat maps and color coding to show the intensity and volume of bids and offers in real time. This allows you to see the actual flow of orders in the market, spot hidden orders, and detect when the big players are moving in.

Seeing the markets in this new light allows you to make quicker, better-informed trading decisions and find more opportunities. Bookmap puts the power of real-time order flow analysis and visualization into your hands.

From spotting market makers and institutions entering the market to seeing hidden support and resistance levels, Bookmap gives insight into what drives price action. No wonder many traders rave about it and call it a “game-changer”! If you’re serious about trading, Bookmap is a tool you need in your arsenal.

Bookmap Pricing and Plans

Bookmap offers four subscription plans at different price points to suit your needs.


The most basic plan is offered for free. It includes access to delayed market data, volume dots, and price levels. Great for getting started with Bookmap.

Digital Plus

For $19/mo, this plan includes everything in the Digital plan, plus access to additional market data providers and the ability to customize the interface. Digital Plus is a solid option if you want more advanced features and customization.


For $49/mo, this plan includes everything in the Digital Plus plan and access to market replay and additional market data sources. The Global plan provides robust tools for active traders looking to analyze global markets.

Global Plus

For $99/mo is the most comprehensive plan. It includes everything in the Global plan, plus access to advanced market data analysis tools and personalized training sessions. The Global Plus plan is ideal for professional traders who want access to Bookmap’s full suite of features.

The company offers a 20% discount on its Global Monthly, Global Plus Monthly, and Digital Plus Monthly subscriptions using the coupon code BM20. Whether starting with Bookmap or wanting to unlock its most advanced capabilities, there’s a plan and a deal for you.

Key Bookmap Features

Key Bookmap Features

Bookmap’s platform offers several useful features for active traders.

Real-time Data

Bookmap provides live trading market data from major exchanges, updating every 100 milliseconds. This up-to-the-second info allows you to spot opportunities as soon as they happen. You’ll have access to level 2 order book data and time and sales information.


Bookmap’s signature feature is its volume heatmap, which uses color coding to visualize the price levels where trades are executing in real-time. Reds and oranges indicate high-volume areas, showing you where the action is. The heatmap gives you an instant snapshot of market activity to quickly determine important support and resistance levels.

Volume Dots

As trades execute, Bookmap displays volume dots that indicate the size and direction of each trade. These dots, combined with the heatmap and customizable alerts, help you detect shifts in momentum and spot breakouts as they emerge.


Bookmap allows you to go back in time and review past market activity to test and improve your trading strategies. You can see how the order book and volume profiles evolved during previous trading sessions to gain valuable insights into the behavior of a particular stock or market.


Bookmap offers an open API and software development kit to build custom add-ons and indicators. You can also choose from several third-party solutions to further enhance the platform. Bookmap integrates with many data providers and brokerages, giving you flexibility in accessing and interacting with the markets.

Customizable Interface

The interface can be tailored to your preferences. Choose between light and dark color schemes, add or remove data points like volume histograms or time and sales, and resize or reposition windows to suit your workflow.

Range of Market Data Providers

Access market data from various providers, including CQG, DTN IQ, FXCM, and Integral. Combining data from multiple sources gives you a more well-rounded view of the markets.

One-Click Trading

Bookmap integrates with many major brokers to allow fast trade execution directly from the platform. Place buy and sell orders with a single click for efficient trading.

In-Depth Analytics

Bookmap provides a variety of tools for analyzing the markets in depth. View full order book liquidity, spot trading opportunities, see historical market replay, and monitor volume flow and imbalances. These features provide insight into market behavior and help predict future price action.

Custom Algorithms and Automation

For advanced traders, Bookmap offers the ability to build custom algorithms and trading bots using their API. Automate your trading strategies and get an edge in the markets.

Bookmap is a feature-rich platform with tools for traders of all experience levels. Whether you want an intuitive interface for manual trading or need robust automation and analytics capabilities, Bookmap has you covered.

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Who is The Right Bookmap Client

Bookmap is ideal for certain types of traders. If you’re an active day trader, scalper, or algorithmic trader constantly monitoring the order book and DOM, Bookmap is for you.

Bookmap provides an immense amount of data that can overwhelm new traders. The platform is best suited for experienced traders familiar with order flow analysis and adept at making quick trading decisions based on the information.

Those seeking a competitive edge with an innovative trading platform providing real-time market visualization and analytics will benefit most from Bookmap. The dynamic heat maps and 3D charts allow you to see market activity and analyze hidden order flow patterns not visible on standard charting software.

For day traders, scalpers, and algos dependent on speed and precision, Bookmap delivers. The platform processes massive amounts of tick data in real-time so you can instantly spot big orders, see where liquidity lies, and catch short-term price movements as they happen. If shaving seconds off your reaction time is critical, the high-performance Bookmap platform is essential.

Bookmap Pros

Bookmap offers several useful features for active traders. These are pros based on online Bookmap reviews.

Real-Time Data

Bookmap provides up-to-the-second market data so traders know the latest price movements and trading activity. This is useful for day traders, who need to make quick decisions based on constantly changing market conditions.

Visualization Tools

Bookmap’s unique volume dots and price levels allow traders to see the full picture of market liquidity and trends to identify hidden price patterns and make more informed trading decisions.

One-Click Trading

Bookmap’s one-click trading feature makes it easy for traders to execute trades quickly and efficiently. This can be especially useful in volatile markets where every second counts.

Multiple Data Sources

It offers data from multiple market data providers, so traders have a comprehensive view of the market, helping traders make better-informed trading decisions and spot trading opportunities that might otherwise be missed.


Bookmap is highly customizable. Traders can adapt the platform to their unique trading style by customizing chart types, adding indicators, and creating layouts that fit their needs.

Bookmap Cons

Bookmap is not the most budget-friendly trading platform. While they offer a free Digital plan, their more advanced options like Digital Plus, can add up for some traders.


Compared to some competitors like Jigsaw Trading, Bookmap’s paid plans may seem expensive. Digital Plus, their mid-tier plan, starts at $99 per month. The Enterprise plan, aimed at prop shops and hedge funds, requires contacting Bookmap for a custom quote.

Learning Curve

The visualization tools in Bookmap, like volume dots, can take time to grasp fully. The platform provides a lot of data, which may feel overwhelming for new users. It can take patience and practice to become proficient in interpreting and using all the indicators effectively.

Limited Platforms

Unfortunately, Bookmap is currently only available as a desktop platform. It does not offer web-based or mobile versions. This could be inconvenient for traders who like to monitor the markets and place trades on the go. Some may find it restrictive to access only from a single desktop device.

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Bookmap Review Overview and Promo Code

If you’re interested in advanced charting and trading tools, Bookmap is worth checking out. Bookmap is an innovative trading platform that provides real-time market data, analytics, and visualization tools to help traders make informed decisions.

Bookmap has plans for traders of all experience levels. The free Digital plan is great for getting started, while the Pro and Institutional plans provide more advanced features for professional traders.

You can get 20% off selected Bookmap plans using the coupon code BM20. This discount significantly improves Bookmap’s value proposition, especially if you’re unsure and want to try out the platform.

Overall, Bookmap continues to push the envelope with cutting-edge trading tools and technology. If you’re looking for an all-in-one platform for market analysis and trading, Bookmap is an excellent choice. Click here to start your free trial today and enter the promo code BM20 to take advantage of the 20% discount on paid plans.

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