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Best YouTube Video Ideas to Get High Traffic

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YouTube being the most entertaining platform, provides with various forms of video content. It is one of the oldest platforms, which came into the spotlight in 2005 and just took a roar worldwide. It is now upgraded with various new features where you can go live, create shorts and hear music offline. On YouTube, you will find various content creators who create engaging forms of content daily. If you are a beginner and planning for a YouTube channel, here we have brought various YouTube video ideas you should use for creating your content. We have also brought an idea about how you can optimise these videos, leading to high traffic.

Top 10 YouTube Video Ideas

1. Create Introducing videos

In your introduction video, you should tell people about who you are. Talk about what interests you the most, your hobbies, favourite movies, etc. While creating this type of content, you don’t have to set the agenda boundaries as you are the only star of your show. Just make sure that you are creative enough while creating this video.

2. Showcasing Bloopers

Bringing up bloopers from your actual video can also create interesting content for your audience. Viewers like to know behind the scenes of the actual video, like how exactly this video has been made and the motive behind the video. This type of video gives the audience hilarious content they enjoy and like the most. So make sure you release blooper videos.

3. Lifestyle and Fashion

You can create a video based on your daily lifestyle, like what you do in a day, what kind of food you eat, and what you like to do. Just let the audience know the day-to-day activities that you practice. Also, you can show your audience your fashion sense, like what type of clothes you wear, which brand you prefer and which clothing brand is your favourite. By doing this type of video content, you might find views of the same interest, which may help create massive engagement.

4. Creating some musical dance videos

Creating dance videos or challenges can also be the past of the video content idea. You can add your unique dance steps and groove to any favourite music. Adding any catchy music and dance in your video makes it too enjoyable for the audience to watch. If you are a music creator, this type of video content may be a way to get more followers in Soundcloud, where you upload your new music audio.

5. Tutorial videos

In this tutorial video, you show your audience while making some makeup, food recipes or drawings. This video will help you showcase your hidden talents to the audience and bring some unique ideas from the basic content you post regularly.

6. Storytelling videos

Nowadays horror genre is growing fast with the rise in audience taste. Horror Storytelling can also be a great video content idea. Here you can tell viewers a real-life horror story or a myth-based story that might help you to create significant engagement. Also, you can share the horror incident that you have come across.

7. Prank videos

You might have seen various prank video on a social media platform that goes viral. Creating prank videos is also one of the best video content ideas you should bring in. Take two to three friends of yours or a family member, create a prank video on them, and show it to your audience. Also, make sure you post teasers of your prank videos on social media to get people excited about them and build momentum for viewership when the video goes live.

8. Gaming content

You will find many audiences who are more into gaming. You can create live-stream gaming content while playing PUBG, GTA, or other popular trendy games. Gaming content can give you many views and get high audience engagement. While doing live streaming, you can also ask your viewers for donations, where you can earn and also gain traffic.

9. Collaborate with other influencers.

Reaching out and engaging with other influencers in your space is a great way to cross-promote both channels and bring in new viewers. By collaborating with another influencer, you can also develop new content ideas that you can imply in your upcoming video.

10. Hosting a contest-based video

Hold contests or ask questions that encourage likes/shares/comments, so people stay engaged with the content on your channel. Try to create a quiz type of content and announce the winner in your next video, which will drive traffic to your current video and let people keep excited for your next video.

Optimising Your Videos for SEO

Optimising your videos for seo youtube video ideas

After creating all these videos, you need to make sure that your video is found by the right audience and for that, optimising your videos for SEO is a must. You need to make sure that your video title is relevant and keyword-rich. Your title should clearly explain your video’s content and include potentially popular keywords that potential viewers are likely to search for. Also, create an exciting thumbnail image for each of your videos. The thumbnail image should represent the video’s content but still be creative and eye-catching enough to draw people in.

In SEO optimisation, you need to include potential keywords that you may have missed in the title, as well as additional information about the contents of the video that will spark interest and encourage viewers to watch. Make use of tags whenever publishing new videos. Choose tags that are relevant and related to the video’s contents. Make use of popular tags related to your channel or brand that viewers may already know about or search for regularly. By using proper SEO optimisation for videos, you can ensure that you are maximising the visibility of your videos and ultimately driving more traffic.


Just creating various YouTube videos and uploading them is only the thing. Investing time and effort into engaging your viewers and increasing interaction is important. To get high engagement, you must ensure you link to your YouTube channel on all of your social media networks. By following proper audience segmentation techniques and bringing in the newest video ideas, you can create your unique content, which may be your extraordinary video creation that might get a lot of views and get viral in no time.

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