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Best Stock Market Trading Apps for Beginners

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You may be interested in stock market trading. But without exposure or knowledge of the domain, you are likely to feel lost and sure to lose your precious investment. It is necessary to understand that the stock market is a vast subject and requires detailed research and understanding. Only then can you make a wise move. Fortunately, you can access a good and reliable mobile trading platform to enhance your opportunities. The top apps provide you with the ability to sell/buy shares and ETFs without charging any commission. You can also research investments, enter orders to sell/buy and track your portfolio.

5 Best Stock Trading Apps

1. thinkorswim

Best stock market trading apps for beginners thinkorswim

This app enjoys 4.8/5 rating and is meant for active traders. It does not charge any commission fee or require minimum account maintenance. With this app, you can derive interactive trading experience. It is launched by TD Ameritrade and does not invite recurring fee. It provides variety of investment and account options to choose from something that is less commonly supported. It includes cryptocurrencies, forex and futures. You can log into this app using your mobile phone or desktop. It features profit & loss calculations, advanced trade tools, advanced charting, chat support and live CNBC news-stream. You also get prompt support from well-trained TD Ameritrade trading executive.

2. Charles Schwab

Best stock market trading apps for beginners charles schwab

It rates 4.9/5. Its Schwab Mobile is meant for both experts and beginners. There is no recurring fee charged or account minimums required. You are free to select any investment account type desired including most investment types. It offers Schwab Intelligent Portfolios and no-fee automated adviser. Using its mobile app, you can view easily your positions, balances and accounts, market news, indices, research stocks, etc. Schwab Assistant, a new feature provides you voice control to derive quotes, make trades, answers to your investment queries and set alerts.

3. Webull

Webull online trading app

Webull rates 4.6/5 and is one of the recently introduced online trading apps. It provides options, ETFs and commission-free investment opportunities. You do not have to pay for margin borrowing or advanced data subscriptions. It is meant for active traders. Even passive investors can benefit from it. The app’s community section allows you to interact with other like-minded traders. You can learn about wide range of investing strategies. Although it takes some time to understand the interface, it is quite manageable.

4. SoFi

Best stock market trading apps for beginners sofi

SoFi is a popular mobile trading platform with 4.8/5 rating and is exclusively designed for beginners. It is easy to understand and navigate even for less experienced traders. It offers retirement accounts, taxable accounts along with limited investment choices. However, ETFs and stocks are adequately represented. SoFi provides no-fee automated investment platform. You can use its product ‘Stock Bits’ to make investments in fractional shares. It also provides the latest price charts and basic fundamental information to help traders make supported investments. It also comes with valuable educational articles for beginners. Brand new investors can get help to invest small without paying any fee.

5. Interactive Brokers

Best stock market trading apps for beginners interactive brokers

It ranks 4.7/5 and is designed for expert traders seeking Wall Street-style, slick, trading platform. It is one of the most used online trading apps and referred to as IBKR in short. It provides multiple account types, meant for retail investors as well as institutional and professional investors. Investors are given access to a variety of assets including stocks. ‘IBKR Mobile’, is considered to be a fully-functioning investment avenue providing access to advanced trading tools. There is present data in 50 columns in advanced research and quotes. Even those with least investment experience can benefit from this app.

The above are the top best stock trading apps to download and use in 2021.

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