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Best Salesforce Integrations for Businesses in 2022

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What are Salesforce Integrations for businesses?

Salesforce integrations for businesses refer to the process of data merging and Salesforce functionality. It provides users with a unified experience, allowing the team with features to handle sales teams online. It is a marketplace containing apps, add-ons, and plugins in thousands, and it is easy with Salesforce to integrate.

Best Salesforce Integrations for Businesses in 2022

InsideView – Social selling and Sales intelligence

InsideView helps deliver to the right audience the right message. You get to focus on social selling and sales intelligence. This app accomplishes it in your social network after the analysis of your social media connections. It works on customer relationship management.

InsideView monitors over 25,000 sources to get information on new releases of products, mergers, executive changes, and a lot more to help you in your niche. The features of InsideView come in handy when you want to import and use other platforms for contacts. It has a feature PeopleAlerts to track on social media prospective customers at the right time.

Adobe Sign

Adobe sign salesforce integrations

Adobe Sign has the highest e-signature applications. It allows its users to sign and send contracts or files on a device without leaving the native app environment of Salesforce Integrations. It is an app offering a trial of 30-day and has ready integrations.

Crunchbase – lead researching app

Crunchbase salesforce integrations

Crunchbase is an app helping the sales teams. They have put a huge database of information relating to startups and innovative companies. It means your salespeople need not waste time looking for lead research on Google.  It works as a ‘Marketing Automation Integration’ app offering data to the sales team.

The teams can recognize opportunities and identify growth signals indicating sales. Precisely, in your Salesforce, the Crunchbase integration helps have a strategic and useful interaction with leads.

Cirrus Insight – Google integration

Cirrus insight salesforce integrations

If businesses use most Google provided services means it includes Google Calendar, Gmail, and Google Apps with Salesforce. It means Cirrus Insight is the app to support customer service. To sign in it requires you to enter the login details in Salesforce and Gmail. The app facilitates easy integrations with Outlook web application, Outlook 2013, and Office 365, besides Google services.

It is a tool allowing users to access information and track emails. This app integration is with third-party emails. The contact integration ensures improved workflow management.

Geopointe – mapping analytics app

Geopointe salesforce integrations

Looking or researching online for customer data is time-consuming. It is also the most crucial factor. Getting the information is not easy, and Geopointe is the app that synchronizes geographic marketing data. The geography prospects using this information are in a better position to offer timely customer service.

You can leverage services such as Google Maps on your Salesforce account. You can use the information for useful tasks. Geopointe creates boundaries, assigns territories, and plans delivery routes. Geopointe standardizes and cleans the collected address information. It is a useful tool to boost the sales team productivity and develop new locations and opportunities as marketing automation integration.

Marketo –analytics apps and sourcing leads

Marketo salesforce integrations

Marketo is a popular AppExchange app helping businesses in augmenting their marketing campaigns. It helps improve the quality of the leads and manage the process to the end from the time of engagement.

Marketo creates intriguing landing pages. It is the best feature having the in-built feature to score leads. You can strengthen customer relationship management as the Marketo app assists in email marketing, and sources quality leads across channels. Using Salesforce is inevitable for the sales team so that they know the leads to work on, try, and the leads to avoid.

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