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Best Real Estate Lead Generation Companies

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Whatever business you are into, lead generation is mandatory to survive and flourish. It is equally crucial for the realtor’s business. With some research, you can easily come across a list of the best lead-gen companies to simply the process. Taking help of these companies, you can easily identify potential leads that can help grow your business.

Top 5 best real estate lead generation companies

1. Zillow Premier Agent:

Zillow premier agent lead generation companies

It is a well-established company in the domain. They provide their members with easy access to Zillow special leads within a specific market including better ad placements. Basically, you are ‘purchasing’ a particular percentage of your targeted zip code. Your real estate ads will be displayed on that particular zip code’s property listing. Thus, you can increase brand awareness quickly. But then you will also be competing with other agents who might have got access to your derived zip code. However, you can expect to rank better and get more exposure than non-Premier agents. With ‘Premier Agent’ label tagged against your name, it is likely to enhance your platform credibility and reputation.

2. Real Geeks:

Real geeks real estate lead generation

This popular real estate lead generation company offers an easy to establish IDX website. When customization choices are concerned, their offers are limited. This site allows you to select two modern, sleek designs enabling easy navigation facilitates for your potential leads. You also get a comprehensive CRM system linked directly to front-end IDX site. CRM offers plenty of choices to capture potential leads. It also includes customized email drip campaigns, real-time activity tracker, lead profiles, inbuilt texting and auto text responder.  As you get leads, you may register to derive text and email notifications. It is also possible to reach potential leads in real-time.

3. Zurple:

Zurple real estate lead generation companies

It is among the top real estate lead generation companies offering an expansive end-to-end lead capture system. You are allowed to launch about 10 home search sites. For each market or area you plan to work. You may use own personal branding to brand these sites. Investing in special SEM services allows you to capture potential leads. With this service, your home search site ads occupy Google’s top search ranking results. Moreover, the real estate lead generation company offers a comprehensive analytics system. Using this system, you can be aware of all the leads’ actions across home search sites. Predictive analysis is another interesting feature offered.

4. REDX:

Redx best real estate lead generation companies

It is among the most favored and the best real estate lead generation companies. Agents seeking cold calling tools to enhance their success should use the services of this company. They offer comprehensive lead generation software, access to diverse lead types, CRM database and quality dialer system. Users can also access five different types of lead acquisition sources. It includes Geoleads, Expireds, For Rent By Owners, For Sale By Owners and Pre-foreclosure. You just need to pay for your desired leads. Thus you may focus on the lead types that will bring in good business and not waste your precious money or time. Only qualified homeowners can access this company. ‘Do not Call’ list is also excluded by the system.

5. Bold Leads:

Bold leads best real estate lead generation companie

It is also one of the top real estate lead generation companies that needs special mention. It offers auto lead generation techniques, extensive lead communication tools and lead nurture system. Their done-for-you auto lead generation process helps develop creative ads. This establishes you as the market expert. The system delivers leads generated to your CRM system, enabling you to proper follow-up. The platform also boasts of having auto lead nurture system that keeps all leads engaged.

With the above list of the best lead-gen companies, you can never go wrong on lead generation.

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