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Best Photography Gadgets for 2020

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Photographers love gear. Whether they’re new or seasoned professionals, they never seem to have enough. Whether it’s the latest lens or some amazing doohickey that plugs into your computer, there are so many extras beyond the simple camera. You will get amazing results if you use the best telephoto lens for Nikon. Whether you’re shopping for holiday gifts or just looking to see what’s new, you’re probably already browsing photography gadgets in your spare time.

1. YOLOBOX: $359

Yolobox - 9 photography gadgets

Turn any device into a live-streaming machine. As far as photography gadgets go, this is going to be very useful if you do videography or if you want to be able to do instant replay work for sporting events or weddings. The Yolobox uses wifi or 4g for cloud storage. It offers 1080p HD resolution and has a touchscreen about the size of your smartphone with USB, HDMI, and SD ports and an optional 3.5mm microphone port for improved sound. It can mount a drone controller too.

2. D2 Lightweight Multi-function Handheld Gimbal – $269.99

Best photography gadgets

D2 Lightweight Multi-function handheld gimbal. Many action photographers and videographers use these photography gadgets to get smooth panning and deal with motion to get an even image. double-layer fast loading board and mobile phone clip compatibility structure design can carry mobile phone, micro single camera, and motion camera—three major equipment to use. This made them far more durable. They also have an 8-hour battery life and a more open design, so your screen is easier to get to. This fits most smartphones, the GoPro Hero and Sessions.

3. Palm Stable – $129

Palm stable - 9

Drone photography is big. So big that it’s almost become a requirement in some fields to offer it. The problem is that most quality drone images require a bulky drone that can’t get into tight spaces – enter the Palm Stable. As photography gadgets go this is a neat little drone that fits into the palm of your hand. It has an auto-tracking function so you can actually find it if it gets lost and an auto-return so it will come back to you if it can. The HD camera takes stills as well as video and it can hover as well. Battery time is about 10 minutes.

4. Powerlens Charger – $34

Wireless charger

This is more a smartphone gadget than a photography one, but it looks just like a small lens. The hockey puck-sized device is a wireless charger that also uses a shutter sound to tell you your device is connected to charging. It’s 1.5x faster than a direct cable and is Qi-enabled. One of the coolest photography gadgets you could hope to get in your stocking!

5. Miggo Bags Storm-Proof $120-170

Miggo storm-proof camera bags

With several bags available these bags have a quick draw option for catching shots on the go and the bag is able to really withstand a storm since it’s dustproof, rainproof, and snow proof! Every compartment is sealed so your accessories and other photography gadgets will also stay safe. The Versa also comes with an optional sling or backpack configuration for comfort. To add to this, you can also get a landing mat bag for your drone to store your drone accessories in IPX3 protection and make sure it’s not damaged on landing. (Image editing services)

6. Colorspike – $299

Colorspike - 9

A single strip light doesn’t seem like something new. This ultra-bright LED light not only provides plenty of light for dramatic lighting but it has an array of different colors and brightnesses so you can use a single light without having to stop down or change gels. There’s also a Bluetooth app to connect it to your phone or store patterns on the go.

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