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Best Online Certification Courses In India

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Online certification programs make your resume look better to recruiters and help you gain new skills and knowledge. This makes it more likely that the biggest MNCs and tech companies will offer you a higher salary package.

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Gone are the days of traditional face-to-face classroom learning. Instead, education and classes can now be taken from anywhere worldwide, thanks to technological advancements.

Online classes are not limited to a particular sector anymore. Several recognized educational online sites with certifications carry weight in the corporate world in finance, marketing, management, engineering, etc. These universities and e-learning institutions offer the most up-to-date online programs to give students a well-rounded education.

It’s safe to presume you’re curious about the benefits of taking online courses in India if you’re still considering your options and deciding which one is right for you. If you stick with us, you’ll learn about the best online schools in India offering annual premium packages for their courses.

There are several online certificate courses to choose from. Some are free courses, while others offer Bootcamp courses with the option of self-paced learning and complete expert guidance.

What Are The Benefits Of Online Certification Courses?

Let us explore some of the top reasons to opt for and learn from the online course:

1. Cost- Effective

Due to the digital nature of providing access to online courses, the overhead of running a traditional school is eliminated. The convenience of online education also means that students may save money on other costs, such as housing and transportation. The proliferation of digital educational resources in the COVID era has positioned online courses as a viable option for students of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds.

2. Offers Flexibility

Taking classes online means focusing on what’s most important to you while advancing your career or spending time with your family. In addition, courses and collaborative learning may be scheduled at convenient times.

3. Networking

Networking Online Certification Courses

Online certification allows professionals to easily network with others in their field. A larger network gives people more access to resources, more interesting conversations, and more chances to improve their technical skills.

4. Improves Resume And Skills

The knowledge you gain from these online certificate programs will look great on your resume. This makes it easier for prospective employers to evaluate your abilities and, in turn, boosts your chances of landing a high-paying position.

Online certification programs also offer a lot of practical knowledge in the form of real-life case studies and hands-on experience in the lab, which improves the soft and hard skills required to excel in a job.

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Best Online Certification Courses To Look Out For In India

Some major platforms, like Udemy, UpGrad, Simplilearn, Coursera, EdX, UdaCity, etc., are some of the best platforms that provide a plethora of free online courses with official certification and an in-depth curriculum. Reading an informative Udacity review can provide you with a better understanding of the platform’s course offerings and learning experience.

We will discuss a list of programs you can apply to in various fields like cyber security, management, business, artificial intelligence and machine learning, full stack development, cloud computing, etc. These online certifications are in demand and increase chances of earning well at par with industry standards.

1. Cloud Computing

Course Name Provider Duration Fees
Cloud DevOps Using Microsoft Azure UdaCity 3 months Rs. 58,257/-
Caltech Cloud Computing Certification Simplilearn 11 months Rs. 2,34,999/-
AWS Solutions Architect Certification Edureka Flexible Weekday Weekend batches Rs. 19,995/-

2. CyberSecurity

Course Name Provider Duration Fees
IBM Cybersecurity Analyst Coursera 8 months 7-day free trial
The Beginners 2022 Cyber Security Awareness Training Program Udemy 3.5 hours Rs. 649/-
Advanced Executive Program In Cyber Security Simplilearn 6 months Rs. 1,75,000/-

3. Software Engineering

Course Name Provider Duration Fees
IBM Full Stack Software Developer Coursera 14 months 7 day free trial
Automation Test Engineer Simplilearn 12 months Rs. 53, 999/-
PG Program In Software Development And Engineering My Great Learning 9 months Rs. 1,90,000/-

4. Management

Course Name Provider Duration Fees
Marketing Management EdX 9 weeks Free
Building Leadership Skills Coursera 15 hours Free
Develop Conflict Management & Resolution Skills LinkedIn Learning 8 hours Free

5. Data Science

Course Name Provider Duration Fees
Data Science Course Intellipaat 7 months Rs. 82,170/-
Executive Post Graduate Program In Data Science UpGrad 12 months Rs. 2,99,000/-
Data Scientist Simplilearn BootCamp-1 year Rs. 54,000/-


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The list of online certification courses in India is endless. Aspiring professionals can consider enrolling in various other courses in data analytics and digital and social media marketing.

Taking advantage of India’s many online certificate programs allows you to further your education without having to quit your job, as well as to study at your speed and on your own time and access up-to-date course materials.

There are several things to consider if you’re taking online classes. In each program, the online learning experience is made better by a variety of helpful tools, such as input from a dedicated mentor, quick answers to questions, personalized feedback, practice interviews, peer-to-peer interactive sessions, and more.

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