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Best Forex Prop Trading Firms: Five Prop Firms You Should Pay Attention to

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Diving into the world of forex trading? It’s a realm of tremendous growth, courtesy of its unmatched liquidity and daily dynamics.

And within this domain, proprietary trading firms, commonly called ‘prop firms,’ serve as pillars. They provide traders with much-needed capital, ensuring you can fully tap into your trading potential.

In this piece, you’ll discover the top-tier in the world of Forex prop trading firms. This is your guide, your deep dive, to understand these firms’ operations, structures, and advantages.

The prop trading world offers myriad options, each with its own distinct edge. Whether you’re a seasoned trader looking to enhance your craft or a beginner on the brink of your trading voyage, there’s a prop firm tailored just for you. Let’s delve deeper.

1. Fidelcrest

Introduced in 2018, Fidelcrest stands as a noteworthy proprietary trading firm. Upon clearing its trading challenge and subsequent verification, you can earn a profit split up to a staggering 90%.

Two distinct trading challenges await you: “Normal” and “Aggressive.” While the latter promises a heftier profit split post-challenge, your starting capital can range from $15,000 for a “Micro Trader” to a whopping $1,000,000 as a “Pro Trader.”

Fidelcrest offers you the versatility of copy-trading, zero constraints on trading days, weekend trading, news trading, and trading devoid of mandatory stop-loss or consistency rules.

Furthermore, you can pick between the renowned MT4 or MT5 platforms. While the challenges might seem achievable for the adept trader, they’re designed to test, not be a walk in the park.

2. City Traders Imperium

A brainchild of Daniel Martin and Martin Najat, 2018 saw the rise of City Traders Imperium. This forex prop firm offers direct funding, bespoke evaluation programs (such as the CTI Challenge), and a reservoir of educational resources.

A starting profit split of 80%, which can surge to 100%, is in store for traders who adhere to trading prerequisites and showcase exemplary trading prowess. But what makes City Traders Imperium shine? Their extensive educational arsenal

You can access foundational insights into trading types (be it day or swing trading), performance coaches, and a range of courses focusing on varied trading strategies, facilitating you to hit your profit target and clinch the funded status.

Their ethos revolves around offering a genuine, tangible alternative to the often illusory promises of other prop firms. Here, you get a funded account with enticing profit share benefits, but only once you’ve proven your mettle and adhered to trading conditions.

City traders imperium

3. Elite Trader Funding

You’re presented with a unique trading evaluation and funding opportunities with Elite Trader Funding. This platform beckons both the novice and the veteran. Here, you can showcase your trading acumen in a simulated setting, and if you excel, firm funding awaits.

Their lucrative profit split arrangements and many evaluation alternatives have firmly positioned Elite Trader Funding as a favorite among day traders, swing traders, and forex aficionados.

A transparent approach and tailor-made trading conditions render this platform an undeniable game-changer in prop trading.

4. MyForexFunds

Initiated by Murtuza Kazmi, MyForexFunds stands out as a prop trading entity offering diverse funding schemes to global forex traders.

Their standout feature is an accelerated program, allowing traders like you to establish their proficiency and grab a funded account by hitting set profit targets in minimal trading days.

Couple their clear-cut rules and the embrace of a myriad of trading strategies, and you have a platform that’s both flexible and user-centric. However, a word to the wise: always be conscious of the inherent risks of financial market trading.

Offering clear rules, varied account alternatives, and competitive profit shares, MyForexFunds is an excellent choice for traders keen on demonstrating their prowess and securing a funded account.


FTMO, a proprietary trading firm rooted in the Czech Republic, opens its doors to budding traders, offering funding to those who ace their rigorous evaluation process. While they primarily focus on the Forex market, they also extend their realm to commodities, crypto, and indices.

FTMO’s modus operandi is a two-pronged funding challenge: the FTMO Challenge followed by the Verification phase. These are calibrated to evaluate your knack for consistently churning profits while adhering to certain trading and risk management guidelines.

Emerging victorious from these stages earns you the prestigious title of an FTMO-funded trader and a funded trading account that can soar up to $400,000 ($2M with their scaling plan).


In the expansive realm of Forex trading, proprietary firms play a pivotal role, bridging traders with vital capital resources.

From FTMO’s rigorous evaluation to City Traders Imperium’s rich educational reservoir, each firm carves its niche, catering to traders of varied expertise levels.

Whether you’re an adept trader aiming to amplify your craft or a beginner embarking on your trading voyage, a tailored prop firm awaits you.

With a clear understanding of each firm’s offerings, potential traders can make informed decisions, leveraging opportunities in this dynamic market.

So, as you delve into Forex through the best forex prop trading firms and best-funded forex trading accounts, may your trading endeavors be fruitful and prosperous.

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