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Best Fintech Startup Companies

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Fintech industry becomes very popular among many people these days. There are many people who are interested in joining this industry today. This article is going to discuss some of the most popular fintech startup companies that are available on the market. These companies operate in several categories, including e-commerce payment platforms, digital loans, mobile stock services, digital currency exchanges, and any other financial-related industries. These startup companies are growing very rapidly in today’s world.

Fintech industry

1. Pitchbook

This is a startup company that operates in the software, investment, and venture capital industry. It is located in Seattle, Washington. PitchBook is a famous financial software and data analytics company. This company provides information about any private and public equity markets. It has a complete platform for all investors, advisors, companies, and professionals to get access to business opportunities. This company is doing diligent research on source investments, fundraising information, and also private market intel.

 2. Avant

This is another popular fintech startup company that is available on the market today. It is working in the lending industry. The headquarter of this company is located in Chicago, Illinois. Avant is a loan service company that provides loans for middle-income customers. The loan is ranging from $2,000 to $35,000. Avant can be a perfect choice for customers who need immediate or payday loans. This company requires customers to fill out a simple loan application. The approval time can be as little as one day.

3. Braintree

This startup company works in the payment industry. It is located in Chicago, Illinois. This is a division of PayPal company. Braintree provides flexible payment services for any business with any different sizes. This company can help you accept payment types, including credit cards to Venmo. Venmo is a unique product that is offered by this startup company. It can be used to help any companies that operate online. It works by preventing fraud, improving the security system, and protecting all user information.

4. OnDeck

This is another famous startup company in the FinTech industry. There are many people who are happy to become their customers. It works in the lending industry. This company has a headquarter that is located in the New York area. OnDeck can provide easy loan services for all small businesses. All clients can apply for getting term loans and also credit lines online. They are able to receive funding quickly. In most cases, the loan application can be done in less than a day. Because of this fast approval process, this company is able to get a lot of customers very quickly.

5. Forward Financing

If you are looking for the best startup in the same-day loan industry, you can take a look at this FinTech company. Forward Financing can provide easy working capital to any small business owner in the United States. It is located in Boston, Massachusetts. This company has its own proprietary technology that can offer all business owners access to its financing. The loan application can be approved very quickly. Forward Financing company has already provided more than $500 million to more than 10,000 growing companies in this country.

6. Enfusion

This is another popular growing startup company that is available in the United States. Its headquarter is located in Chicago, Illinois. This company has an integrated investment management platform that can help all institutional asset managers, hedge funds, and also family companies. This company can help all clients in any category, including risk management, operations, accounting, compliance, and also trading options. The main goal of this company is to provide all clients with a complete view of their own businesses.

7. Verifi

This startup company is working in the payment and software industry. It is located in Los Angeles, California. This company offers payment protection features for all companies with any sizes across multiple industries. It has a powerful platform that can let all merchants, card issuers, and cardholders get access to real-time data. This company can provide quick resolution for all customers. Verify will help all clients stop chargebacks, process all payments securely, fight against fraud, and also increase the billing system effectively. The platform is going to be updated regularly, in order to provide the best benefits for all clients.

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